Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something Shiney...

Welp, FIVE of my bestest girl friends are now engaged and getting married in the next year.


Unfortunately after my initial "OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! YAY! I LOVE BEING GIRLS! I LOVE WEDDINGS! SO FUN!" we go straight for the:
"Fuck me, not only am I alone but I am probably going to have to go to all these weddings alone because no one likes to give plus ones anymore and I'll get to be one of the only single ones there too. Better bring my own gin and tonic. Dear God, fuck my life."

I know I am in one wedding for sure if I am back living here in the spring, and otherwise I am luckily not in any bridal parties. Except...besides spending an exorbitant amount of money and time for your friends wedding, being in the bridal party means it goes unnoticed that you don't have a date and that's just plain luck.

I need to go back to Bratislava and get my single lady dance party on because I am suddenly all self conscious about being single when normally I dont even care. Damn you San Diego and your marriages!

Time to start channeling...

And to regularly look at this self portrait I took of myself to remind me how hot I am. 

Hey, its my blog...I'm allowed to whine about all my friends getting married and post pictures of myself if I want to!



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