Friday, August 05, 2011

Pretty Things: Fall H&M Line

Finally the gods blessed my little town with a proper H&M so I don't have to stock up whenever I am in Europe, however when I went in the other day I almost died. Their ENTIRE fall line is so absolutely fantastic I AM IN LOVE. Sometimes I think I design for them in my sleep because of how in tune to my exact style they are. But then they'll come out with something totally ridiculous, like their entire previous summer line- ew, and I remember we aren't married quite yet.

Some favorites I have to snag before I head back to Europe for the fall...

This skirt is SO this season its not even funny. Plus, how comfortable, girly, and cute is it?!

Love me some stripes

My other affair, polka dots, to pair with my bf leggings

FINALLY a fabulous belted coat not made out of wool or down so I can wear it! 

Another bf sweater to wear with bf leggings. I'd add a necklace and wear with boots so I can go to work and everyones convinced Im NOT basically wearing pajamas.

Also comes in pink. Can't you just see my little teacher self wearing this with a black skirt? I know.

More, "not pajamas". 


Yeah thats right. B&W polka dots AND my favorite dress shape. I DIE.

Love the colors, wearable year round. 

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