Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Whats-his-name, you slay me. strike three!

Remember how whats-his-name fell off the face of the planet for...2.5 weeks now? Remember how it was because "he was busy with work" and "had the flu?"

Well, lets have a little snippet into our FINAL conversation (via text) in a little episode I like to call,
"A Jerkface? Or not a Jerkface? That is the question."

Set the scene: After I got his long message on Saturday about how sick he was and sorry for not calling FOR TWO WEEKS I decided to call him back Sunday evening. Left a normal person voicemail. Didnt hear back. I decided Tuesday night would be a good time to check in and see how he was and if he was worth my time.

Me: Are you dead? Did you die of swine flu?!

Whats-his-name: Dude, why u keep saying im dead? this's like the fourth time ur telling me that

Me: uhhhh because you had the flu and Im asking how your doing. nm I wont bother you again, jeez!

Whats-his-name: yea, usually people say "how are you feeling?" not if im dead

Me: well I guess im not usual people then.

I KNOW RIGHT. Stop me anytime if im overreacting...BUT There were no words. I was literally speechless at his reply. There were so many emotions...anger, annoyance, sadness, confusion...I may have teared up a little upon the first reading. I mean, my stomach jumped into my throat at how incredibly rude and WEIRD his reply was. Granted, I did ask him if he was dead 2 weekends ago when I hadnt heard from him all weekend...even though we were supposed to have plans. And, my texts werent super star but its something I would ask any friend if they were sick, its just a fun way to ask how they're doing, right? Seriously, this guy is so freaking weird. I mean, WHO SAYS THAT?! Especially to a girl they supposedly like? so rude.
So that was his last strike.
hes donzo.
Even if I am overreacting, then apparently we dont communicate well and Im over it. I cant believe how angry I am about it.

Thoughts racing through my mind...
"is he SERIOUSLY talking to ME that way? Are you kidding? Who do you think you are? Why would I want to date you when you just made me feel bad about myself? What is wrong with you? How dare you speak to someone like that? Am I overreacting? uhhhh no, if any guy makes you feel bad about yourself then hes so not worth your time. Dating is supposed to be fun. dating is supposed to be fun. dating is supposed to be fun..."

so yeah, file that away in the weirdos folder.

so now when he calls, mamas gotta SHUT IT DOWN. thats right. DOWN.
and he'll call, dont you worry, they always call. ahaha

In other "dating" news, besides the Thursday date with One I now officially have a date with Number 2 for Friday. I convinced him to drive up here so we can go to a free movie in the park that Ive wanted to go to all month. We will be seeing Four Frightened People. I plan and drinking all the wine and making out like all my other dates!

Joking people. that was a joke. Please dont leave me comments about how Im a whore. I know already, thanks.

Ive just made an executive decision to start tagging my entries. Mostly because I love the nicknames for my dates so much that I want to tag the entries about them.

oh, Numero Tres emailed me with the subject titled "Hello Emily". Poor Numero Tres, he never even had a chance.

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