Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hes Just Not That Into Me?

He texted me this morning to say that he had to go to the ER last night from fainting and got stitches so we had to put our date on hold for now. I asked what happened and he said that he went to the gym yesterday for the first time in more then a year (which I think is cute since its probably because he had a hot date with a certain somebody;) and didnt drink enough water and then had some beer and fainted and cut open his bottom lip. so embarrassing, hehe.

Thats not a brush off right? And he told me today at 11a.

Too be honest, Im pretty ok with things. I mean, I was excited to go out and I actually think it could have been a good date. But for a number of reasons its ok with me (for now its ok...this will change if I actually never hear from him again)
1) My face is all broken out from eating too many nuts. I know, right.
2) Friends are having a fun pre labor day party today and I was going to miss most of it, so Im glad I get to go now. Im also making delicious food for the party and really wanted to get to do that.
3) I need to re-dye my hair but didnt feel like doing it. Now I can do it tomorrow and he'll never know.
4) I have such skepticism about boys already, that I had very little hopes up about anything actually happening. so really, I'm not too dashed
5) 2 other boys wanted my number to ask me out sometime this week, so this isnt the end of the world. Although he was my favorite one I think.

So we'll see.
Oh man, I sure hope things work out with him solely for the reason that someday he can discover my blog and what I wrote about him. mwahaha.

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