Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not Crazy Anymore.

New boys want to date me! hooray!
To begin with:
So whats-his-face never called all weekend. I was somewhat concerned since its very unlike him not to call when he says he will...and lets face it, I was somewhat annoyed. so I texted him to make sure he wasnt dead and sure enough he had to go out of town for work. You couldnt have told me? Very rude. I didnt say that to him of course. But I thought it...lots. But he said hed call me this week, so Im trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, its Wednesday. Which still gives him a few days, but I'm not counting on it. and after a day or two of being bummed and anxious about it, I'm fine now. Just all of a sudden I was fine yesterday and didnt care if he ever called again. So there you go.

And always, just when I think Ive gotten used to things as they are things change again. Yesterday after I was all fine, 3 more boys asked to take me out. Yes, thats right. three. And not just random weird ones, they asked too but I dont count them, actual legit young men.
Well, kinda.
One is 2 years younger then me and just graduated and is unemployed, gross. But after I told him those were my reasons for not going out with him (just a weird thing I have...must not be younger or cant not have a strange isnt it;) he wrote me this long thing where I was convinced that at least we'd have a nice evening together and Id get a free dinner out of it, haha. So yeah. He'll be calling. I promise Ill be nice.

Number 2 gentlemen actually has a real job and from what I know about him, he reminds me of whats-his-name. Same kind of job with investment banking or something and similar life aspirations. He was nice and again, not my type, but not unattractive either so Im going to let him take me out. We have a wine date for tomorrow evening. I still dont have a lot of expectations for it being either good or bad...but it could still be fun. I didnt make it shopping the other day, now I HAVE to go! yay!

Finally numero tres is some beautiful actor man from Glendale who talked to me for like an hour and was SO nice and we had such a lovely conversation! He asked for my number but I doubt anything will happen. He just lives so far away. But it was still fun to have someone interested in me. Thats always nice for us single girls. we need attention too.

So thats my update for the day. Ill keep you all posted on how things go with number 2 and if anything happens with One or Numero Tres. And yes, those shall be there names now. Number 2 keeps reminding me of this guy:
Who isnt even the real Number 2 from AP, but I just keep thinking of him. Remember when he kept dying and it wouldnt work out? ahaha Oh man, mike myers and will ferrell together are like my dream team.

The real Number 2. Hopefully mine wont have an eye patch. Or be a million years old.

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