Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Lunch Date

I forgot to tell you all that I had another date with someone else on Monday. We went to Poisidens in Del Mar. It was beautiful, right on the beach, and such a nice day. We had a nice time, lots to talk about getting to know each other and everything. He has a good job, nice things, nice car, sounds like he has a good family, likes to travel, has lots of things to keep him busy with friends and activities during the week, hes a good guy. My only hesitation is that he isnt "my type"? Im just SO attracted to the arty musicy Indie guys who never like me back and are typically pretentious jerks anyway without jobs or proper social skills. He is the polar opposite. Works in intense corporate America and LIKES it, which, you know me, so NOT my thing. This guy is great, we just dont have anything in common really, which also seems to freak me out a little. He does like to travel and do cultural stuff like I do, but more because he was raised to like them and less because hes a freak about them like me. Which is fine, at least we'd have some things to do together.

Anyway, we had a really nice lunch. He knows how to treat a girl, which was really great. Opened doors, paid for everything even my valet, always made sure I had sparkling water, it was a good time.

SO he called the next day (crazy right) and we are going to dinner again on Saturday.
I'm just excited to get to know him more and to have fun.
Dating is fun.
It just requires a lot more thought.

Your all so excited you get to follow along on my dating adventures, hehe.

Currently watching a crazy movie called Rabbit Proof Fence. Its for my Art & World Cultures class and its such a crazy story. I cant believe just 80 years ago this happened. They used to STEAL aboriginal children from their families and send them to live in schools to learn to be servants where they could only speak english and had to follow Catholic traditions. Its really awful to watch. And amazing how the Australians didnt learn from how awful our Native America "re-education" plan went. Its pretty much the exact same thing. so sad.

Ok, back to work.

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