Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dinner Date

Luckily I got rid of the rents so he could pick me up without having to meet them...i mean, I think he would have totally fine and my parents could have probably held it together...but I just didnt feel ready for that. I dont want all my dates to have to meet my parents, I still want it to be a kind of special thing. SO he picked me up in his Mercedes, and I looked pretty stinkin hot (curled hair, fake eyelashes, the whole deal), and he told me I was pretty, and we went to When In Rome.

He ordered us really good wine, at my request of nothing too dry. They made me an AMAZING pasta primavera at my request of nothing with cheese or meat. Our cute old italian waiter tells me, "oh, we'll make something for you, we'll make something for you.". The pasta and sauce were SO fresh Ive never tasted anything so flavorful! Then I broke my no cream rule and had a bite of 3 desserts, all of which were delicious. Besides the yummy food and atmosphere, we had such a nice time together. Had so much to talk about and we both just get along really well. We really like to discuss things about just different random stuff. We are both opinionated and like to talk about stuff, which is so fun to have someone to talk about stuff with. And its never heated, its always just in fun and in the end we just agree to disagree or laugh. So that was great.

Then he invited me to his house. And I knew that wasnt a good idea. So we went to a quiet bar down the street instead. We just talked and enjoyed each others company more there, and I realized half way through the conversation that I hadnt noticed anything else in the entire room...we were just totally in the moment enjoying our time together. It was sweet.

He kissed me.

He complimented me lots.

He also offered to take me to his house 2 more times, which I politely refused and changed the subject. As much as I want to, I mean...I am a real person, Im just trying to be a lady. A nice girl. Being a nice lady is a lot more work though.

He said he would call me today, and we might have plans for tomorrow. He always calls when he says he will and will usually text me or something...but nada today. NOTHING. and its getting late and im anxious. Which is annoying, because after the first date I only kinda cared if he called or not. But now all of a sudden Im all fussy and anxious.

But im just about over it. As in, if he doesnt call he doesnt call.

Im not super duper attached, we just have fun together and its nice to be liked so of course I dont want that to end.

He has a few more hours, we'll see how it goes.

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