Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stories from the 5th Grade

Today the kids were being suuuuuper funny. I kept just stopping and laughing at them, they are just so hilarious sometimes!

1) The teacher was reading aloud a story and every once in awhile stopping to make sure they understand words or ideas:
Teacher: so guys, whats a "social life"?
Student: DATING! (laughter ensues)
Teacher: what?! a social life isnt dating!
Student: yes it is!
Teacher: Your in 5th grade! You dont even know what dating is! (giggling...)
Student: yes we do!

2) Just normally transitioning between activities, when there is a calamity in between tables!:
Teacher: whats going on?!
Student: its Charlie!
Teacher: what?
Other Student: its the bug!
Teacher: you guys named the bug?
Another Student: ahhh dont step on Charlie!
Teacher: can someone please just take the bug outside.
All Students: awwwwww

I was on the other part of the room so I didnt exactly know what was going on and had to ask a student:
Me: whats going on?
Student: its just Charlie
Me: what?
Student: charlie the pincher bug. (as if it was SO obvious)

They are super fun and sweet sometimes. But seriously, 5th graders can be quite the little stinkers. Today was the first day I realized I actually really like each of them. Its been almost a month. It took me that long, haha.

Wine date tonight with Number 2? But not before a nap. Those stinkers know how to wear a girl out.

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