Friday, September 18, 2009

Still a Crazy Person

Oh the boy. Oh me the crazy person. Oh what a long week. Oh my dramatic heart.

SO basically, without getting too much into it (despite what you may think I DO realize this is a public blog;). We went out for drinks on Monday and had a nice time...besides the fact that he smelled, haha, i forgot to tell some of you that, haha. I know he had gone to the gym so maybe he just stunk from that...but it was just sweaty man smell which I dont mind tooooo much. Plus, I smelled like Marc Jacobs Daisy so I made up for both of us. it was funny though. I didnt tell him so, dont worry.

ANYWAY, so we were having a nice time and he invited me over again for our next date on the upcoming weekend...again, I refused. and again he questioned me as to why I refused. After a bit of an awkward debacle about how "Im not that kind of girl", and hes somewhat confused, it was time to go so he walked me to my car and gave me a weird peck of a kiss and that was it. SO I assume thats it. I never expected to hear from him again.

Based on my experiences with men (limited, but still existent) once they realize Im not sleeping with them on the first few dates, they're over it. Mostly because women are whores nowadays and they can just find someone else. Also, its NORMAL for me to think that when hes inviting me over to his house, thats what he means, RIGHT? im not totally insane here. So I was all frustrated with men and women in general and questioning my classy way of doing things (SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I EITHER HAVE TO BE A SLUT OR AN OVERLY PRUDE CHRISTIANY WERIDO?! THOSE ARE MY OPTIONS?!?!?!). I was just sad and reminded about being alone, and feeling like a crazy person, etc.

BUT (and its a big but), just as I was over it and wasnt worrying about it anymore by wednesday, HE CALLS.

yeah. seriously.

and acts like nothing is wrong. but im super surprised so he asks me why and we get into it. He explains that when he invites me over, he is really just inviting me over and ISNT insinuating anything and isnt a gross guy who likes slutty girls anyway. He keeps telling me hes a good guy, he doesnt treat girls like that. and I keep telling him that based on my experiences im just trying to be cautious. and that I dont have to trust him yet after 3 dates. so we keep talking and even more surprising the conversation ends nicely. he texts me later that day because hes thinking of me. he likes me. he just may be a real gentleman. I just may have watched too many Lifetime movies or Law and Order SVU and may be a little crazy. we're going out again this weekend.

the end.

lesson learned: dont be a crazy.

PS: Thanks everyone for all your comments. They are always so helpful and sweet. Love you all!

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