Monday, November 10, 2008

mrs. grumpy gills

aww man today was the worst! well it wasnt that bad, ive had worse, but today just kept building up and im so so so done now. i had to vent a little. (PS sorry its been so long but i havent had anything worth writing about...kinda...)

1) today i had 2 hefty presentations and they went well so thats not a big deal but i spent ALL weekend preparing for them so im kinda burnt out. when i went to print something from my powerpoint before i presented it in my next class, all the pictures i took of specific documents and dragged into my presentation so the class could see them were all BLANK. i spent at least an hour taking the pictures, adjusting them in iphoto, resizing them in powerpoint...ARG. i was NOT happy. but luckily i fixed it before the actual presentation so at least it didnt look like total crap.

2) i worked so hard all weekend on homework and presentations that i have at LEAST 3 sore paper cuts all over my fingers. i just got a new one about 10 minutes ago and its all sore and bleedy (sorry kels, but its true)

3) the lovliest part of my day was when best buy called to tell me for the 3rd time ive brought my mac in for repairs that "nothings wrong you crazy!". i tried to call them back 3 times but it just kept ringing so i had to go there after school. they informed me that my computers hardware is perfectly fine and the issues im having, and have had since like 6 months after i got the computer, must be internal software issues and thats not covered by my $400 care program. yeah. awesome. so how much would it be to fix the computer? oh you know...$35 for shipping back and forth...and then around $100 per thing that ends up being wrong with it. so im not very happy about that. so i say screw you guys, if im paying anyone im paying actual apple people instead of you assholes. so i go all the way to the apple store and try to make an appointment but of course they are booked for at least 72 hours in advance. awesome.

so my papercuts, broken powerpoint, broken computer, and asshole best buy people have ruined my day.

i hate computers.
i hate best buy.
and i even hate apple.

however, upon leaving best buy almost crying i happened upon a "free" copy of the latest entertainment weekly with my Twilight loves on the cover and a 6 page spread inside! so that at least made me a little happier for about 30 minutes! hooray!

now excuse me while i go put some neosporin on my cuts and bandaid all my fingers.

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