Sunday, November 16, 2008

some things

today is brothers birthday! hooray! happy birthday brother!

today i went to the Apple store to get my computer actually fixed this time...but of course the cute manager there caught my eye...he was complete with trendy designer glasses, converse, half sleeve tat, and i think i even saw a wrist tattoo in there too...anyway, he was my type through and through. so we were kinda flirting, kinda not though because i was cranky about my computer and someone else was helping me...but then when i was just about to think of something witty and clever to say to him i did the wedding ring check and sure enough, married. so i decided that married people should start wearing t-shirts that say 'married' on them...but then i realized thats what the ring is for. owell.

also today,
my bathtub/shower doesnt have a bath mat for whatever reason so i always have to be really careful getting in and out and while im in the showever...well today when i was getting in i totally ate it and severely injured myself. my ankle is all torn up and sore and my knee is so sore im limping. i feel like a grandma. but seriously, it hurts real bad. im really clumsy people, it totally sucks.

this is my week of TWILIGHT!!! so excited! hopefully after this week i wont be such a freak anymore about it and can be a normal person again.

i got two huge papers done this weekend! yay! i did them alll weekend so the rest of the week i can play! tomorrow im going to try and go to my friends show in san marcos and maybe see the lovely and talented people whom i miss and love there, tuesday me and melissa have a date i cant disclose without telling kelsey first, thursday i have a doctors appointment im kinda nervous about, and friday is girls fun weekend 2008!!! yay!!!

tomorrow im going to try and dress cute for PE boy in my class, ill keep you updated:)

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