Monday, November 24, 2008

thanksgiving better be worth it

taking a break from homework (more on that later) to eat some el pollo loco and to do a little posty post.

thanksgiving had better be awesome because im already exhausted and its still days away.

1) cammie is crazy and now hes driving me crazy! hes working 24/7 and only got a 1/2 day off on Thanksgiving and is working the day before and after as well. hes such a silly and figured hed just take the train back and forth to my house the day of...even though i told him weeks ago the train doesnt run on thanksgiving!!! now im stressing out because driving back and forth to downtown on a holiday and on a day my mom needs a lot of help hosting 10 people here...isnt very appealing! we'll figure it out, he'll get here one way or another!

2) hosting all these people is really crazy too. Irma is here cleaning now (i love her.) but she can only help so much the piles of junk my rents have stored all over the house. getting all their piles put away is a whole nother project. plus our carpet is ruined from a certain canine and needs to be cleaned again, which is yet another project.

3) meanwhile i have enough homework to last a lifetime and im trying to get as much done as i can so i can actually enjoy my days off...yeah right. not only do i have normal homework due wednesday and next monday, but i have all these final lesson plans and papers that are due next week too. its crazy!!! today im doing everything due wednesday and tomorrow ill bust out the finals work. i was supposed to go to school today, but we werent doing ANYTHING worth getting out of bed so early for and worth missing out on homework time for. so here i am in my smelly PJ's about 1/2 done with todays work.

4) i need to get my oil changed! guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow...

5) i need to dye my hair! that will be tonight! bye bye roots...

do you see this list of craziness?! thanks giving had better be amazing because im not busting my ass with all this cleaning, cooking, driving downtown, homework 24/7, errands, blehhhh for nothing!!!!

but i AM excited that cassie will be here! and kelsey too for that matter! and i am excited to see my family and play with all the kids (we have so much fun! its like i attract them...) and eat all the yummy food and cook good pumpkin pie and play my new Wii game-american idol (thanks kels!). so im sure it will be lovely.

and hopefully, very restful.

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Kelsey said...

15 days Esther - this must end NOW