Friday, December 12, 2008

craziest week EVER!

i cant believe i havent written in so long! sorry kelsey! things have been CRAZY all week!!! if you get bored, be sure to skip to Thursday, a CRAZY day.

-Sunday i worked alllllllll day on my take home PE final and it totally sucked, but my final was good so yay!

-Monday i went to school and turned in my final at the crack of dawn, i parked in the faculty parking lot just to piss you off granny. then i did NOTHING the rest of the day because i was real tired from working hard all weekend. it was wonderful actually, i napped and played with my doggies, and did things on my computer, and watched the BEST movie called Iron Jawed Angels. i rented it because it was by HBO (they make great movies) and had an amazing cast and was about the woman suffrage which i didnt know a ton about, and it was nominated for a lot of awards and won some too, and seriously it was SO good. i couldnt believe all of that happened for real, and those women were literally giving their lives so I could vote! it was incredible. Hillary Swank, Angelica Houston, and Patrick Dempsey. go to Netflix right now. do it. do it now. it made me cry it was so good!

-Tuesday i did more final work on my final lesson plans and prep for my math final. Annie went home sick so i did this all at the office and then came home and worked till real late again, so sleep deprived:(

-Wednesday got up kinda early to hit the math lab before the math final with my girls, we studied lots and i managed a B+ on that sucker! which means my final math grade is a whopping AAAAAAAAAAAA. my first A in math EVER!!!!!!! even though i worked real hard EVERY year!!! i promise you can do it friends, i did! and im the WORST! then i went to work for sick annie again. watched another movie with mom called The Savages with Laura Linney and Philip Seymoor Hoffman, it was really good but sad. i liked it. while watching i bought ALL my christmas presents. i pretty much rule. why does anyone go christmas shopping any other way?!

****Thursday met with Alyssa and we bought tickets and booked our, FRANCE. yeah, since i missed it over the summer due to the flu (see my Europe blog), and since the tickets were REALLY cheap, and since Alyssas never been, and since we both had enough $ to go...we did!!!! so peace out from January 6-15th. I'll be living it up in Paris, freezing my ass off, but having the time of my life with my dear friend in beautiful Paris!!! your so jealous and you should be, anyone who gets tickets from San Diego to Paris for $790 is someones to be envied! (also, im awesome.)

the rest of the day was spent running around town buying craft supplies because im finally on break and have time to do all this fun stuff! yay!

BUT THEN i came home and found out my brother almost died in a car accident that night!!! he was driving south on the 5 off Genesse when his fast lane stopped suddenly, so he swerved left to miss the car in front of him and clipped it a bit, because he was going 60mph it flipped his car and he rode down along the wall of the freeway with the car on its side scrapping the top of the car along the wall, breaking all the windows and dash, the entire car was totaled. a complete wreck. he had to finish breaking the window so he could climb out. yeah, he climbed out. he has nothing but a sore body and back. the other car was just nipped a bit in the back. 2 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and policeman later, dad picks up brother at a nearby gas station and hes fine!!! seriously a miracle.

Today: just at work working on Paris stuff, Christmas stuff, and suprisingly work is kinda busy which is strange for a Friday. its SO nice to not have homework or studying to do, the best feeling ever!!

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