Wednesday, December 17, 2008


soooo me and annie spent Saturday doing fun Christmas things. We went to lunch at sushi and then the grocery store to buy supplies to make home made gingerbread houses! we had a wonderful time listening to Christmas music, making the houses, and drinking egg nog with rum for the afternoon. then we went to my house to make crafts! we made ornaments, so fun! by then it was about 6pm and my dad asked me, "what are you girls going to do tonight" he furthered by reminding us it was a Saturday night and we were young and Annie half jokingly said "we should go to Vegas!" apparently it only takes 4.5 hours to get there (longer if Annie drives) and to stay at the Excalibur which is pretty nice its only $60/night. so we booked our room right then, packed our bags, and peaced OUT!

we arrived around midnight and i got showered and all fancy shmancy and ready for a night out! by about 1am we were at "Dicks Last Resort" watching an amazing band and watching everyone already drunk and being really funny. within 30 minutes of being out we got hit on by some Canadian boys and a Finnish lad. the bar closed so we went to another bar in the casino...and then over to the Luxor...and then the Monte Carlo...and then New York New York...all with our new boyfriends in tow. needless to say, it was a lovely night.

ive never been treated so nicely by a boy, it was weird to say the least. he was just really sweet with me and kind and genuine. and i acted like a real lady and we just had a nice time together! and i looked so pretty and everyone kept looking at me and it was such a confidence boosting weekend! out of all of trailer park Vegas, we managed to find the nicest guys EVER and had such a wonderful time!

other: i played craps for the first time (won $20! but then lost it;), tried vodka redbull for the first time (love it, but i couldnt sleep for like 12 hours afterwards soooo), got snuggled by the best cuddler EVER, got to kiss a boy, felt pretty, didnt go to bed until 6am, had a BLAST!

so we all slept for 2 hours (really i didnt sleep, but i watched everyone else sleep, damn vodka redbull!) and then tried to find breakfast somewhere to make ourselves feel a little less haggard, and then it was time to go. we had such a nice time together but we didnt exchange information or anything like that, im pretty ok with it, but it would have been nice to be friends on facebook or something, owell. it was 12 hours together, we arent going to get married or anything anyway, but still, we had fun together and its weird to just say goodbye forever. owell, if ive learned anything from my travels, its how to say goodbye forever and learn to be ok with it.

so thats Vegas. so much fun. a lovely canadaian boyfriend for 12 hours. pretty. annie and i are crazy...but you SO wish you were there too.

me and annies gingerbread village. which fell apart an hour later. but it was still fun!

my favorite picture ever

PS: as always, more pictures of Christmas fun and Vegas on facebook.


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