Tuesday, December 23, 2008

freeeezing but ready for Christmas!

the presents are all wrapped and ready to go (my last one came in the mail today, i ordered it two weeks ago but i was rather nervous when it didnt arrive right away!)

tomorrow me and mom will grocery shop real early in the morning, ill make the gingerbread house, probably nap (due to the early morning), take the dogs for a walk, and then get ready for the Christmas Eve service and party with my beloved Olivia and all our traditional Christmas Eve friends! so fun! I'm really excited to give my presents to everyone and for the day of Christmas, it's always so fun to all be together and to have time off just to be and enjoy eachother. Uncle Dan, Josi, and Lukey are coming in the late afternoon for our dinner, Cammie will come in the early afternoon, and even Nicodemus will be with us for all the fun! i think it will be a nice relaxing few days, I'll just be sad when its over!

poor kekseys getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. What a bummer way to spend Christmas!

today i made stiry fry and tofu and it was SO good i ate it for lunch and dinner! i quite impressed myself and am beginning to think i can cook better than i thought!

ok bye for now, Merry Christmas! Jesus is the best!

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