Friday, December 19, 2008

Its the Little Things

Heres some random things that have been on my mind lately, enjoy:

a) last week i made friends with a bee and i havent stopped thinking about him since. he landed on the front window of my car right in my eye line! we became friends immediately because id never seen a bee that close before. After we discussed how cool he was, I politely told him that i needed to drive now and that it would probably be wise for him to fly away. But he didnt! he stayed with me while i drove to the store, and then stayed while i shopped, and then drove all the way home with me! by now we were getting along fabulously, but i noticed he was flapping his wings as much, and his little feelers werent moving much either. I began to get concerned. When i parked and went home for the night, I said goodnight and told him I hoped he made it through the night. He was gone by morning.
for some reason it made me really sad. i made friends with my little bee and then he either died or flew home, im pretending it was the later. anyway, it was a fun evening making new friends.

b) i flossed my teeth last night for the first time since my dentist appointment...about 6 months ago. they always beg me to floss because apparently i have beautiful teeth but bad gums (hereditary) so i have to floss and then ill have perfect teeth! but i dont, because it always hurts a lot and smells and its absolutely disgusting and i cant handle it. so i finally broke down and bought those little floss swords (dentist said that was better than nothing) and stuck them in my side table drawer with a post it on my lamp to remind me. so they've been in there for 2 weeks and last night was my first time trying them. Good Lord is HURT. and it smelled and was disgusting of course, but i stuck through and did all my teeth. i wont bore you with the details, but lets just say blood was involved and my mouth hurting almost kept me from falling asleep. this morning it STILL hurts and specifically two of my gums are all swollen and sore. now i have two choices, i could either say, "hey! this is why you need to floss more! it wont hurt if you do it all the time!" OR "this is why you dont floss!!! it hurts like a bitch!!!" as of right now, im taking the second route. but hopefully when the swelling and soreness subsides, ill try again. my mouth still hurts, this sucks.

c) everytime i get the guts to ask the beautiful boy who sometimes work here out for lunch, hes not here! last week i even walked back to his office, but he was gone in the bathroom or something. today i came ready to do it, but he hasnt showed up yet and now that its 10a i dont think that he will. it took me AGES to work up the courage to do it, and now here we are. arg.

d) tomorrow is my girls Christmas Exchange! Im SO excited! Me and cassie and annie and jordan will be having lunch together and then all traveling up to Kelseys for an evening of fun! we'll be going out for a semi nice dinner (yay!), driving around looking at lights and probably drinking a special christmas beverage and playing our Christmas Carol singing game, and then back to Kelseys to sit by the fire and have yummy kelsey dessert and exchange our secret santa ornaments. SO FUN! seriously, you wish you had fun girl friends like us.
"Seriously, sometimes I wish I was someone else, just so I could be friends with us.

e) I've been REALLY enjoying Christmas this year! last year kinda sucked because we were supposed to go to New York as our big Christmas present and one week before the trip the rents informed us we werent going, which totally sucked! This year i have all this time because im still only working 1 day a week, ive been spending time wrapping my gifts in fun ways, making ornaments, spending time with family and friends in town, making gingerbread houses and drinking soy nog, singing christmas carols, and even baking! last night i made some low cal fudge (i think its so yummy!) and next week im going to try and make some low cal chocolate chip cookies. its so funny to me how fussy people are with their foods and beverages. i think ive gotten so used to lactose free, meat free, and low calorie foods that whatever i eat in that catagory, i usually like. i have to choose, either NO egg nog or get used to soy egg nog, and after for many years i just prefer it now. same with fake cheese, low calorie desserts, etc. i guess its a good thing...but then when i do pay for actual food, if its not good i get really pissed. what are you serving me, cat?

f) i love crafts! i made a little ornament and today im going to work on a big one. the gingerbread house and my gift wrapping is just the funnest ever! i have some other projects in the words as well, headbands, stamps, stencils, and sewing. oh i also need to make my scrapbook for Europe before i go to Paris and have a whole nother pile of tickets and pictures to scrapbook! SO EXCITED!!!

this is my life:
  • Vegas in December
  • Paris in January
  • Cancun in February
  • New York in March/April
  • Oregon in May (hopefully!)
i love my life!
ready for Christmas!

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