Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 In Review.

Me and Olivia bringing in 2009!

This year hasnt been too horrible, but I cant lie when I say I'm soooo stinkin excited for 2009! Being 23 is awfully fun, and after 10 more months of this, I get to be 24 for awhile before 2010 too! so fun! I feel like the 19-22 time was just weird...lots of up moments and down moments and not a lot of in between, now i feel like i have lots of up moments and in between moments in my life...and hardly any crap moments. It's just a nice age where it feels like you know and like yourself so much more. what a concept?! and in 2009 i get to to go Paris, Cancun, New York, Oregon, spend a summer doing ???, finish my BA, and get awfully close to graduating with my credential too (spring 2010 bitches!).

however, here are all the important moments that happened in 2008:
1) Visited Olivia and Micheal in Oregon, so wonderful to see her sweet life there.
2) put my disneyland pass to good use with Miss Kelsey, Mom, and even little Alyssa
3) moved out for a month with dear Tamara
4) went camping with the girls in a tiny campsite for like 0.5 nights at San Onofre
5) took the best class ever, Childrens Literature into Film, over the summer.
6) backpacked through Europe with Cassie Blue for a month over the summer! amazing!
7) kissed 2 boys! thats like a record for lil ol me!
9) Cammie moved here!
10) Jordan moved here!
11) brother got Sparky! the sweetest doggie!
12) got to student teach with my third graders who filled my semester with laughter!

Crap things that happened in 2008.
1) one of the boys i kissed was pretty awful
2) i learned the hard way not to drink so much champange on my birthday
3) cassie moved to Oregon
4) school. enough said.
5) was supposed to go to New York with the family but it got cancelled at the last second
6) brother almost died in a car accident
7) i still havent found a good church, home group, or community
8) got kicked out of my apartment for having dogs
9) got fired from the church job i loved
10) grandpa got remarried which just pushes the bruises that grandma really is dead.

on that note, heres a fun survey!

1) Where did you begin 2008?
at a beach house in Newport? with kelseys room mates friends who were all a little young, but still fun! oh that was a good night cause a cute boy liked me...what was his name again?

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
always single, lets see how 2009 shapes up shall we?

3) Were you in school anytime this year?

4) How did you earn your money?
worked as a Financial Advisors Assistant, receptionist, and childrens ministry assistant.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
no! yay! sidenote: while thinking about this question just now, i kept seeing images as if I had been in a hospital, but dont worry, they were just from Greys Anatomy...i have issues/im very visual ok!

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
no! hooray!

7) Would you relive 2008 over and over again?
maybe Europe, Oregon, Disneyland, and spending time with Cammie after years of not hearing or seeing from him...but thats pretty much it.

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000?
plane ticket to Europe for the summer, and Paris for this coming trip.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
Paige and Matt, BJ and whats-his-name, scott and melissa whats their name...yeah, thats why i wasnt invited.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
no, thank goodness

11) Did you know anyone who had a baby?
my cousin Jessica had a baby and my cousin Rachel. I still havent met them, but they look real cute

12) Did you move anywhere?
in an out of apartment, see above.

13) What concerts/shows did you go to?
iron & wine and the Swell Season, random bands in bars, i know there were more but i just cant too poor to buy music, let alone see shows.

14) Are you registered to vote?
heck yes!

15) Do you still have the same job as you did in 2007?
my Friday receptionist deal I've had since like 2006, still havent gotten a raise though, i dont know if i should ask, i mean i only work there 1 day a week and took 3 month long breaks for trips throughout the years too...hmm

16)Has anyone betrayed you in 2008?
yeah, it hurts. but we get over it.

17) Where do you live now?
home. when san diego isnt a million dollars per month to live then let me know...

18) Describe your birthday?
me and the family went out for italian food and there were bugs in my salad. micah and cammie and room mates threw a big house party where i learned the champange lesson but still had a wonderful time up until that point at least.

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2008?
kiss a jerkface. backpack through Europe with miss cassie. be fired from a church. go to Vegas and basically be MK&A. be "that" girl at a party.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
I dunno, Europe fun with Cassie, sweet time with Olivia in Oregon, and amazing 12 hours in Vegas are all pretty tied up at this point.

21) What's something you learned about yourself?
people seriously think im beautiful. its still really weird. and also, im kinda awesome....i wasnt really aware before.

22) Any new additions to your family?
my cousins new girls!

23) What was your best month?
July. I was in like 10 different countries in that month.

24) Were you in a relationship this year?
once again, NO, but we're still pulling for 2009

25) What music will you remember 2008 by?
MUSE. friggen Twilight.

26) Who has been your best drinking buddy/buddies?
probably Annie, we have a lot of fun

27) New friend?
me and Alyssa got really close this year. oh and of course crazy Bianca! shes new!

28) Favorite Night out?

29) Would you say you've changed since the beginning of this year?
YES. i think im a lot more relaxed now than i was before. A LOT more confident and sure of myself, a lot less stressed and anxious, a lot more aware of myself (if that was even possible)

30) Do you think 2009 will be better or worse?
better! (see above) i have high hopes for this year, its gonna be good!

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