Friday, January 30, 2009

25 random things about myself

FYI: i dont know how long im going to keep this up, so hurry and read it before it comes down.

Here's the rules. Come up with 25 Random things about yourself and tag 25 people in the note you would like to know more about. Some people have been funny, some serious, do whatever you want, k?---this is what it said before, do what you want!

1) I love technology and gadgets. as soon as the newest thing comes out, i want is ASAP. i swear its in the genes, my entire family has iPhones and would have it no other way.

2) I'm not competitive AT ALL. not with sports or school or anything. but i tend to excel in school because i work my very hardest at everything i do, even if its super hard like math and science. i often set the curve in my classes, shhhh dont tell anyone, my professors told me not to tell.

3) I can withstand a lot of uncomfortable things do to all my travels. extreme temperatures. disgusting bathrooms. dirty rooms or people. awkward people. hungry. annoying people. i typically take it all in stride, i wont be as perky as normal, but i deal without complaining, usually. i havent always been like this, its developed over the last few years.

4) I love dogs and all animals. seriously, its weird. i wasnt really into it even when i was a kid, its just developed over the last few years. i love my 3 doggies SO much, sometimes i stay home just to hang out with them because they are so fun! i like to make friends with all the animals i come across, cows, goats, chickens, other dogs, even cats ill talk to but cant pet them cause im allergic. for proof, see my pictures. its outta control.

5) I think A LOT. i seriously psychoanalyze my life, strangers, friends, it could be anyone or anything and I will think deeply about it. Sometimes i wish i could turn it off, i get tired sometimes. but its just a part of me. and its helped me understand other people and myself a lot better.

6) I hate the type of people and lack of culture where i live. i desperately want to move to Portland, NYC, Paris, any other big wonderful city. but im afraid that since ive grown up here, it will always be home and i cant escape.

7) I surprisingly know a lot about a lot of different things. health, traveling, fashion, art, history, film, music, photography, environment, theology, philosophy, literature, psychology, technology, politics and current events, and teaching of course. i can carry legit conversations on each of those topics. i suppose half is due to school, but otherwise i just like reading about these topics, talking to people, listening to the radio or TV, researching, etc. what can i say, i have a lot of interests.

8) I'm SERIOUSLY clumsy. its not that im uncoordinated, its just that im clumsy and dont have very good reflexes. i get hit in the head by the ball EVERYTIME im near or attempting to play basketball or volleyball. i injure myself constantly. its not cute. so dont get mad when i say i dont want to play sports and dont care about them, its really just my lack of competitivness mixed with self defense.

9) I feel weird hanging out with church people. apparently we arent allowed to talk about drinking, sex, or politics, and we cant swear. if it comes up, everyone gets really awkward and i HATE it so much it makes me just not want to hang out with them. it sucks, but its true.

10) for 2 weeks now ive been not eating out (unless its a special occasion) and have just been eating at home or packing food to save money so i can buy music. its been working. i think ive already saved like $50 or something. its kind of like a game, see how much food i can pack so i dont have to eat out. or, see how long i can go without eating until i get home. its fun.

11) i only wash my hair 2x a week. its pretty much the best decision i ever made. (dont freak out, i still shower everyday, sometimes twice i day if i exercised)

12) my hair hasnt been its original color since I was in elementary school. its just boring dirty blonde, just FYI. not cute.

13) my hair is the longest its EVER been and probably will ever be. freaks me out because i always wanted long hair ever since i was little, and i finally have it! crazy!

14) ok, enough about hair. im really flexible. seriously, i can do all the hard poses in yoga and can always lay my hands practically flat on the floor when im touching my toes. i think my flexibility may hide underneath all my flubber.

15) this semester i am reading 4 different books about the 1996 mount Everest climb. why, you ask? yeah, im still figuring that out. BUT i promise in 3 months i will know everything there is to know about Everest.

16) this summer is the first summer in 3 years that i will be home. its going to drive me crazy, seriously.

17) I have a body pillow i snuggle with at night because i hate sleeping alone. there comes a time in a womans life when its just natural to want someone next to u when u sleep, at least thats the theory im going with.

18) when im working on art projects i feel SO ALIVE. but i dont have time to do it very often, so it gets left behind. its actually really sad, my heart will hurt when i glance over at my drafting table and everything.

19) i love reading. its hard to read during school because we have so much reading to do, but i still try and read something during the semester. during school breaks i usually read no less then 4 books. over last summer i read like 8 books. love it!

20) i LOVE music. its not just something i say or pretend to be into. its how i LIVE. my 80GB ipod is almost completely full. i dont eat so i can buy music. i spend my free time researching music and watching my favorites videos online. my netflix is filled with live concerts im reallllly excited to watch. ive cried at many a concert. its just a way of life.

21) in almost every university class ive ever been in, i make "friends" with the cute boy in class. ie: we flirt and talk all semester but then disappear into our seperate lives afterwards. i didnt realize this was a common practice for me until just recently. even now im "working" on a boy and didnt realize it was part of my pattern until just now. gosh, i am awesome.

22) i love traveling. ive been to so many places on my list, but it just keeps getting longer and longer at the same time. i should be a professional traveler, im so good at it!

23) i have confidence issues. but i know this, and i work on it.

24) all i want to do is to work in a museum taking the kids on art adventures. or teach art full time at an elementary school. and then adopt a bunch of babies from India and live in a big house with animals, tree houses, art projects, dress up, crafts, movies, and so much fun i cant wait!!! these have been my life dreams for quite some time now. im excited for my life.

25) things i dont know or care about: sports, economics/financial business, cars, most science, most math, celebrity gossip, and sadly; most cooking. i suck at cooking, i try, and sometimes it works, but i just suck at it.

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