Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Tim Gunn day calendar inspired me a few days ago when he said i should spend the weekend (and days thereafter) working on my posture. When I did my ol acting conservatory we worked on our posture a lot. im trying to remember everything i learned.

so yesterday and today ive been working on my posture. its not as easy as it seems. and it kinda hurts my middle back? so i dont think im doing it right.

i figured it wouldnt hurt, and i heard if you stand correctly it makes you look thinner, so hey.

its also helps me to stay focused on how im standing, walking, or sitting instead of thinking about myself or other people in not nice ways.

i didnt feel good today. ive been sleeping a lot because i dont feel good. the winds make my allergies act up. and im a girl so sometimes i feel gross. like now.

tomorrow im working and doing lots of homework, bleh. BUT then im going to drug myself up and go play with Melissa and Lauren and a new friend named Erin at Jaymas house! we're obviously going to watch anne of green gables, eat sweets, and craft all night! girls are SO FUN!

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