Monday, January 05, 2009

Wake me up before you go go
I'm in Paris January 6-15 (i know right!). We'll post it up real good at the above blog, so until then here is my last post!

-I have a legit crush on the butcher at Albertson's. He's a big tall, cuddly, strawberry blonde, with a beard! How could I resist! This has been happening for the last 6+ least i think hes the butcher. unfortunately since i dont eat meat ive never actually gotten to interact with him...besides locked eyes across the aisle on numerous occasions, *sigh. this should be a story, the vegetarian who has a crush on the butcher. oh my life.

-WICKED was absolutely amazing! I read the book years ago, and have known all the music forever, it was SO special to see how everything looked on stage. It was beyond my imagination, which is hard to do! The girls who played Elphaba and Galinda were just incredible. Megan Hilty as Galinda truly inspired me as an actress...i miss theatre mucho. I may have cried 2 times during the play just because it was so good and i didnt know what else to do with myself!

-me and mom went to the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena too, it was so great! They had lots of impressionist art from Degas and Van Gogh, and a special Vermeer and Rembrandt area too! It was such a special day, i was overwhelmed by the beauty in the museum and then the was just a good day! so inspiring!

-Then me and mom went shopping in Pasadena, i got some cute (and cheap! yay!) hair clips and earrings, had a pannini for lunch (my favorite), and we went to a really cool antique store too! I got some old postcards from Italy from there, but we had a lot of fun trying on glasses and hats and looking at all the furniture and old books. also, inspiring!

And now its packing/last minute get stuff together for Paris day! cant believe its already here! Except its really cold and i went to bed late and i didnt have any caffiene or a vitamin or anything today so im really sleeeeepy...maybe ill just nap and pack after dinner:)

it IS 4pm...esthers nap time! (learn it. live it.)

ok, well im off to Paris. enjoy work and school! ill be back complaining about everything before you know it! See you then!

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