Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some New Favorite Things

Some New Favorite Things:

1) soooo my new favorite thing in the world is the Carmen Electra Aerobic Strip Tease workout DVD. i know it sounds absolutely absurd and "where is Esther and what have you done with her?!" but seriously, its SO fun. i bought it on a whim the other day when we were at Circuit City because it was on sale and I'd always wanted to try it and heard it was pretty fun. oh man, im so glad I did. it totally got me into working out, i have so much fun. today i even dressed up sexy and put on some heels to do the routine, then i turned off the DVD and put my own music on (The Faint, if you must know) and it was seriously the BEST!
some boy is going to be extremely lucky someday.

2) ive decided to stop buying food and just save my money for music. for 2 reasons.
  1. My Music List is out of control: its so long that it makes my heart hurt to just look at it. i havent had money to buy any of the albums as they come out, so i just suffer without them. So ive decided to take $10-$20/week (which is a lot when you only make $80/week for food and gas + fun stuff) and set it aside for 2-4 vinyls at the end of each month. I believe this may help control my issues. we'll see. I bought 3 new long awaited records last night! it was really really really exciting! now just 20 more and we'll be good...
  2. the less food I eat out, the healthier I eat. and we all know my endless battle with my body. this takes care of that now doesnt it.
3) Dried Mangos. Alyssa brought them just to try them on our trip and after one bite out eyes got HUGE and we quickly agreed they were amazing! trader joes has them without anything added, literally just some dried sheets of mango. so stinkin good. ive eaten them almost everyday since. which is a big deal, since i dont really like fruit.

4) long hair. as much as we fight, i just love her. i can do so much with her and we have lots of fun with all my new bows and headbands, shes the best. ive had to get used to a lot of things though, such as remembering to move it to the side when you put your purse on your shoulder or even just to hoist it up a bit, otherwise its death. sleeping with long hair can also be interesting, we've tried a few different things: hair on top in a loose bun, but then my head hurt and it looked weird the next day. hair in a loose side braid: but then it got knotty and still made it look weird the next day. so we've resolved to just loose but all up and over the pillow, sometimes i gather it or something...its quite the process. most recently and most horribly has been the knots taking over the entire underneath layer of my hair. i cant put any hair spray in it or the next morning its DEATH. im not exagerrating when i say i spent an hour trying to get the knots out of my hair one morning, and not even finishing. they get as big as a fist or two. but i think ive worked it out, wide tooth comb during conditioning in the shower and some bumble bumble detangler may just do the trick. yes, i just wrote an entire paragraph about my hair, but whats even sadder is that you read the entire thing. and didnt even mind.

i have some websites i could share that im also currently in love with, maybe some new music, or how much i love the weather we've been having. but i really want to go work on my "scrapbook" so instead im going to peace.


i miss my second home. Versailles.

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