Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i love the gym?

soooooo last night i went to sign up for my free gym membership (thank you health insurance) at the lovely new 24 hour fitness they just finished building kinda close to mi casa.
WELL, the boy who helped me was SO cute and SO flirty, i had the best time! but then "the printer wasnt working" so i had to come back later for my pass, which was fine since i was tapping yoga at 730 anyway. so i came back. "still broken". but me and annie kicked yoga is the butt! it was so great! oh how i missed yoga. id slept weird on my shoulder so it was kinda sore all day, after yoga and stretching it a bit more its been fine ever since:) i love yoga! so me and annie have a date for every monday at the PACKED yoga class.

so i came back this morning to work out and get my pass. so he printed it for me ok, and we flirted some more, and i flirted with the other guys working there who are all real pretty and friendly. i know its their job to be pretty and friendly, but it was fun all the same.

anyway, i did some cardio for 35minutes and did really well and everything, but when i got off i seriously almost fell over Bridget Jones style and i had issues remembering how to walk to my car...it was really funny. then i didnt have time to stretch or do weights so i just peaced out but everyone kept staring at me and it was either because im sooooo beautiful or because i was extremely red faced and sweaty. now, i dont know if i was red faced, but i assume so. either way, i love the gym! all the boys are pretty and like to watch you exercise and walk around. it kinda feels like a meat market, but i just ignore everyone and enjoy my break from life.

oh and PS: i enjoyed my work out too, it was weird for me. i used to HATE exercising, but it was suprisingly fun and relaxing and my body felt so happy the entire time and afterwards! so lets see, cute boys+break from life+get to read and listen to music+feel really good+lose weight=i love the gym?! did anyone ever think i would utter those words? i certainly didnt.

in other news, i dont think i give myself enough credit. i totally made it through the yoga class and cardio today without dying or falling over or anything, i really had no problem with either. even though i havent officially "exercised" in awhile, i do walk my dogs, and can bust carmen electra strip tease, and can walk for miles a day for weeks in Europe without issue (besides the blisters).

ALSO (this has been a big also), im cute. boys look at me. i dress well. im not this awful huge creature ive made myself out to be. im so busy feeling bad about myself i dont look around and compare myelf to the reality of people around me. of course not all people arent cute, but when i really look around, i see that most people are average. its all gonna be ok. so all in all:

im kinda awesome.

but dont worry, next week ill be back to telling myself im ugly and fat and suck at life.
its sadly only a matter of time.

well little blog, that was quite deep and revealing for today. every once in awhile it does happen. well thats enough then.

i promise this is my last picture of myself from Paris, haha. i just thought it was fitting. and kinda awesome at the same time. i pretty much RULE at photography;)

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