Monday, November 17, 2008

im ridiculous

well i sat by PE boy today (hooray!) and he told me what i missed because i was late again but thats all. so we'll see what happens wednesday. im kinda a creeper.

today my knee and ankle hurt a lot from the shower incident. i limped a little but managed some of the stairs on campus and it is feeling better. i got the brilliant idea to take some pain meds today to hello, should have done that ages ago. but luckily while i was coming down to dinner my other foot missed the bottom stair and i fell again and almost sprained my other ankle. so things are looking up for the clumsiest girl alive.

brothers birthday was fun, me and my family downed 4 bottles of wine between the 6 of us. we pretty much rule. i was joking that "brother turned 21 so we ALL celebrated!" haha its so true. and lukey is so fun! he likes to eat pickles and its the cutest thing!

looking forward to this weekend is the only thing getting me through this long week! next week will be short, just one day of school and thats it! and full of fun friends and family and little to no homework and no small school and just a nice resting time and time for some finals prep. so this week seems so longgggg. and this weekend is my fun girls Twilight weekend and im so excited!!! plus i get to play with kels and annie and see kels new place and its going to be a nice little vaca.

i need a new book to read. im in the middle of Wuthering Heights and i absolutely LOVE it but its hard to read when you just wanna turn your brain off for have to think while you read because the older english and amount of characters is confusing.

i need to apply for thinking tutoring. but im so looking forward to break that i just dont want to think about work at all until finals and all this crap is over! maybe ill just forget about it until after christmas and then start looking for a jobby job to supplement my meager income.

thats all.
mom and the birthday boy!

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