Tuesday, April 09, 2013

That One Time I Became A BALLER.

Remember when Jesus just kept on blessing us over and over again? To the point that I keep getting emotional and don't know how to process anything?

Well everything has been a bit of a mess lately financially. A bunch of our bills are all jumbled up because we've been so busy we've overlooked them, and then my car battery just wouldn't start one day so I've been carless for almost 2 weeks now which meant no groceries and behind on other important errands. Besides all of that we had to go out of town for boyfriends brothers wedding which was SO BUSY...therefore as usual I've been stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Between the bills and money confusion, car problems, and the crazy long exhausting weekend...I am DONE.

And then...randomly...boyfriends friend from work wants to sell us his BALLIN 2000 BMW for only $3000?! How is that real?! It has low mileage, no problems, and is in great condition?! How is that a real thing?! God doesn't provide just any car for us, but THIS?! The only issue is that it's a 2 door and only takes premium gas which isn't suitable for when little buddy comes, but we have boyfriends 4 door we can take for family adventures so I don't think he'll be in mine all the time anyway. Plus, between the train to work and writing off gas for my tutoring business expenses I think it will even out. I may even see if I can write off my car payments once I put a sticker on the car window marketing my business.

So this Saturday we are going to meet his friend at the bank and do all the necessary paperwork, I am already approved for the loan so it's pretty simple going forward. And then I get to drive my new sweet digs home!!!

Just when it seems like just too much...God is always providing in the sneakiest of ways!



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