Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Things You May Not Have Known About Me:

Note about my last blog which may have seemed depressing and strange. I think I was just fussy because no one could hang out and school starts Monday and I was gearing up for a crazy life again (which im not particularly fond of) and I miss cassie and I miss going to amazing “cultural events” everyday. Im having issues but I didn’t realize it until I just read back my survey. But really, I am happy. It just takes work sometimes to feel that way. But I choose to be happy, so there.

And now for a proper blog after a long hiatus.

Some things you may not have known about me:

-on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this semester, I am doing a practicum in a 3rd grade class in san marcos. Im excited to work with kids again but since ive already worked with 3rd grade extensively in previous semesters im a little worried ill be bored with the repetition. But then again, teachers teach the same grade every year and they still like it.

-I had an AMAZING day at Disneyland yesterday with my dear friend Alyssa from school. I couldn’t believe how hot and jostled I was all day but how happy I was anyway. It was SO nice to forget my troubles and just enjoy life. I think Walt had a great vision. And we made SO many friends there! Lots of cute cast member boys, sweet hipsters behind us in line who heard us talking about LOST, etc. SO fun.

-ive been eating a lot of cheese. I used to not eat any dairy but while I was in Europe the cheese was so good and now im just on a cheese kick. I only have it a few times a week on bread or something and it doesn’t make me sick because I don’t have a ton…but I just don’t like milk products in my body so its weird to me.

-I realized yesterday that I flirt a lot. I never noticed because im just an outgoing person, but I definitely seek out cute boys and find reasons (if I don’t already have one) to talk to them. It just comes so naturally, and im sure they don’t mind. Maybe im just making friends. Haha im ridiculous.

-I LOVE reading. I read at least 10 legit books over the summer. Im about to start another and see how far I can get before I run out of time again (when school starts getting crazy again)

-I LOVE walking. I miss it so much, im working on finding a good place to walk…somewhere flat and pretty where I can take my doggies and listen to my podi. Im thinking of taking up hiking. Not the intense kind…really just walking out in nature. So adventurous! Ha

-im going to see Spring Awakening tomorrow with Micah and im SO excited! And then on Thursday im going to see Les Miserables with Alyssa and her friends Emma and Byron. We’re going to sit on the lawn and drink wine and be fun.

-Ive decided i want to move to north park and live in those cute little houses and work in one of the balboa park museums with the childrens programs. i want to ride a pink vespa to work.

-Im sick of summer, I want it to be autumn now and forever.

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