Sunday, August 24, 2008


lets see.
today is my last day of freedom. so sad. i hate school. im trying to have a better attitude though so im not depressed all semester. so today im going to dye my hair, buy groceries, maybe a new top, and enjoy my day...because its the last one im going to have for a long time. a day with no homework. a day with no deadlines. a day with a full nights sleep beforehand. a day of infamy. 

BTW Spring Awakening was incredible. please please please go see it, its the best show ive ever seen...and ive seen my share. the music, sets, lighting, acting, blocking, singing, writing...everything is just amazing. i kinda want to go again and sit on the stage...maybe ill wait until im in New York someday. its so weird, it just felt like such a privilege to be watching i was getting to experience something that was so special and so private. but afterwards we were pretty emotionally vaunerable and raw feeling. good shows leave you that way i suppose.

Thursday im going to see les miserables in Vista. its my favorite book but ive never seen the play, im so excited! one thing about summer i do like, all the outdoor plays and nice.

alright, off to the store for hair dye and fun.

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