Friday, June 29, 2012

She Works Hard For The Money.

WELL some stuff happened and you are now officially no longer hearing from an intern, but rather an Associate Product Manager!!! Who would have ever thought?!

I was thinking about how in the last year I've been a teacher, almost a nanny, an intern, and now this- crazy! Tomorrow I sign the final offer, we had to go back and forth a bit on the pay since they tried to screw me initially but its final now and we'll even send a blurb out to the entire company tomorrow too! I DID IT! I shmoozed my way into an internship (thanks to my brothers persistance and recommendation), worked my ass off for shit pay, and have gotten my promotion and pay raise! eeeee!!! The great thing is that I am already doing parts of that job already and just continuing to build onto it, I think in a year or so I wouldn't be an associate anymore even. It feels so good to work hard and be good at what I do again. Starting out has been intimidating since it was such a new world of words and phrases, tech lingo, databases? business requirement documents? partner calls? OH MAN. And now I am fully engaged and involved in everything. For the most part I understand what everyone is talking about and am finally able to speak up in meetings, ask appropriate questions, direct conversations, etc. I am far from perfect and am continuing to develop my "business woman" skills- but we're getting there!

A world away from teaching. I miss the babies sometimes...but I think mostly I just miss teaching and presenting. Which I will be doing a lot of with this job soon too, so I think it'll be fine. And I do miss the kids and crafts and fun every once in awhile- but am excited to do that with my own babies (and boyfrends lil guy) in the very near future. I have to say having job security, being more mentally challenged, working with adults, having more time and energy, more pay, etc...are outweighing any of the things I sometimes miss about teaching. The lack of vacation time has been hard to adjust to though, BUT the vacations when I do take them are real vacations...and not "2 weeks off- but most of it is just getting over being sick and working from home anyway because theres tons to do and you have no money". Teachers barely get holidays. Boyfriend and I are already planning a Mexico trip once he gets here, some long weekend trips to Palm Springs, visit family, Vegas, etc. I'm so excited!!!

AND the best part is my stint of living at home again (and for the last time- thank God) is almost over! I am hoping for a Sept 1 move out date to give me some time to buy the few things I am still in need of before moving (like sheets for my bed...ahem), first months rent, deposit, savings, etc. AND THEN I will be starting to test drive cars and get ready to buy a new car too! A bit nervous about finding an awesome living situation. Its really important to me to live in a cool area where theres life and things to do within walking distance and such- plus a great room mate. I miss roomie in Bratislava and my downtown city life there sometimes. But then 5 nights per week I am busy with friends anyway...and real friends, not just acquaintances to party with- so I am much happier here I suppose.

...still having a hard time adjusting to missing boyfriend all the time. Life just feels...odd...without him here. And so it makes me angry when I see other couples loving life...and sad because I am always the off woman out. I know its only a few more months...but still. Going from being with the love of your life 24/7 to barely having time to talk on the phone is quite an adjustment. I am sick of the distance and just want it to be over. Less then 5 months...BLEH.



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