Thursday, March 01, 2007


peanut M&M's will be the death of me.
recently discovered and purchased by my mother from cosco, we know have enough in the house to survive off of for a year.

im already addicted and its a problem.

bella just told me to take the giant bag downstairs cause its to loud and scary...i think im going to listen to her and also drink a gallon of water to even the handful i just ate.

PS: i got my hair done and i look good again

this weekend me and cassie r going to see Amazing Grace and im excited. historical story! period movie! God! human rights! im all in!

i think that boy moved away again. im sad i lost my kinda new friend who was kinda a jerkface...

ok, that was my last M&M


we're secretly evil.
we put an addictive chemical in ourselves to make u crave for it nightly!

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