Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i watch too much tv.

all i do is go to work.
go to my classes.
during my breaks i sleep in my car or do homework.
i come home and take bella for a walk and eat something.
then i do more homework.
sleep more.

and watch too much tv.

since when did i get into american idol?
im totally hooked, its ridiculous.
and americas next top model? who am i?!

actually, im not too excited about ANTM, i dont think any of the girls are very pretty and the ones who are pretty have really ugly insides (attitudes)...and the judges get on my nerves, especially tyra. ill try again next week and if i still dont like it ill give up on it. last season was so good. im ridiculous.

american idol?! WHO AM I?! but all the black girls can sing sooo good! its amazing! i want them to do well so they'll make a record and i can buy it...all the white girls need to hurry up and get voted off so the real competition can get started. actually, i guess im not that bad cause i only can stand to watch it on tivo cause ryan and judges and even the contestants annoy me...haha

i even tivoed the Oscars and got all into that too...well, kinda. none of the movies nominated i wanted to see or saw...except Pans Labyrinth and marie anntoinette...the others werent really my kind of movies so i passed on seeing them. EXCEPT i realllly want to see little miss sunshine, i was MIA when it was in theatres and its on my netflix cue so we'll see what happens with that. i also wanna see The Illusionist...looks really good and i heard it was good and edward norton is my lover.

im lonely.
i dont have any friends.
except on weekends.
i just want some nice christian girls (not "christian" girls, like real people who are actively pursuing the Lord) who have some similar interests as me and we all live together and study together and take trips and take care of bella and cook and clean and watch stupid tv together and are fun.

but no.
instead i hang out with my dog all the time and watch too much tv and hate school and work and go shopping instead.


i just like her. shes cute and pretty and happy. and can sing pretty too.

caridee was the best.


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