Sunday, February 11, 2007

long week

sorry i havent posted in awhile. nothing much to report i guess.
just working and schooling.

saturday morning me and melissa took the gigantic CBEST. its a test for future teachers, basic reading writing and math skills. pretty easy, but sooo long (4hrs) and random crap u havent done since early high school or even junior high. california really needs to get their education system for preparing teachers together. its sooo confusing and the weirdest type of testings and types of degrees and its the state with the most requirements to teach and the worst schools. aRRg.

last night me and cassie watched my favorite movie of all time, Almost Famous. ive seriously seen in a million times, and everytime its amazing. i cant even say anymore cause my words arent good enough.

i should get the special edition pack that came out a few years ago.hmm

still nothing about valentines day. to be honost, im going to be working all day and then class and then lots of homework for thursday...soo...
but marie anntoinette comes out tuesday so maybe that will be my gift to myself. good movie too.

it was nice to spend more time with cassie. we're fun.

i went to breakfast today with old friends from santa fe! so fun! i was so exhauted and groggy that im suprised i made it through! it was nice to see them and catch up, and im excited that we might play again next weekend. yay! friends!

church tonight was really good of course. i need to work on my passion. my excuse to God was that im so tired and busy, which is true. but He told me that His love isnt tiring or meant to be more then i can handle, and that being passionatly in love with Him makes everything else in my life easier to handle. so im going to work on that tomorrow. i love Him. and i forget how much He loves me.

i need to be nicer to people in my mind. i dislike a lot of people and keep thinking that if i move out of friggen socal itd be better, but i don kno. i just need to be loving.

so thats all.

and PS: im so tired i dont kno how im functioning right now. im going to bed at 9pm and i dont care what u say behind my back! paying attention in church was rough. im going to read my rolling stone and say good night thank u.

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