Tuesday, February 06, 2007

another reason i dislike school

today in my literatue class he read us a poem that ended up being about some guys erected penis. and the one we're studying for homework is about some lesbian questioning her sexuality.

all professors care about is using their podeium to preach to their classes about their political, philosophical, and anything else they can get away with, to influenciable students in their classrooms.

constantly i have to be on guard for what my professors are trying to convince me of whether its about evolution, christians known beliefs in things (like how supposedly all christians hate gay people...well heres the thing professor...), philosophical things, iraq and government issues, pretty much everything.

it sucks. most days i wish i went to a christian school, but this week ive been thinking about how in a christian school they wouldnt even teach questionable material, rather then teaching a christian perspective to questionable material.
if i had to choose, id choose to NOT live in a christian bubble, but it gets exhausting having to either argue in class, or even just keep tabs on my own mind to not believe what they say or then i have to go home and research what i believe in so im not confused.

im also worried about when im a teacher and have to teach in schools to kids. the public school system is horrible with this kind of liberal atheistic crap and im nervous. but i dont have any good experiences with christian private schools either...cause im not super conservative about a lot of stuff either. so maybe teach to a family or in a charter school or something in between public and private. and of course my dream of teaching art to kids in india. and teaching art to american study abroad students in italy. and teaching english abroad too. *sigh* i cant wait to be done with school.


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Kelsey said...

Some comments on your blog if you don’t mind…Christian high schools are far different from Christian colleges. I am by no means in a "bubble." In fact, almost 100% of my professors get a kick out of creating controversy in our classes to see how we react and form a rebuttal. Almost all of my classes have had multiple assignments about incorporating my faith into a scholarly defense so that I can be refined and skilled in what I know and have often had to extensively research, not just what I can recite from church. Coming from a secular high school, I can say that going to a Christian college is not about hiding from society like most think. It’s about bringing another aspect of ones overall knowledge into their education.

At a public school, an accounting class may discuss why ethical accounting principles should be followed so that one does not break the law, so that an accountant can maintain integrity etc, but at a Christian school, students are encouraged to include an eternal and Christian (Biblical) perspective as well, so that we are able to see big picture ideas in a more relevant way that relates to our purpose...

Sorry that was so long, I just think you've got Christian colleges all wrong by saying they are a bubble...I will admit that there is a social bubble, but that will happen at any residential college. Going to a Christian university forces students to be in touch with the community around them through being involved with the community in service and church settings as well. I just think that people so quickly assume that I am getting an education that is in some way "less than" a secular university, when I have to argue that I am obtaining not only an education that encompasses more than just what is in the area of discipline, but I am graduating with an immense amount of scholarly, emotional, spiritual, social and biblical growth that is aggressively encouraged throughout my time here in school.

I guess you can say you hit on a touchy subject! I have just been simmering on my thoughts in this area for a while and thought that providing my perspective may help you see this matter from a more unbiased perspective.

I love you and miss you a lot. I hope I get to hear from you soon. 