Sunday, February 04, 2007

what i did today

all day.
im ridiculous.

nothing else sounded appealing.
and my weeks are so stressful, i deserve it.

went to bed at midnight.
woke up at 930.
church from 11-1230ish.
lunch till about 130pm
slept until 6pm.
i am awesome.

tomorrow i start all over again.
i boycotted my homework today, ill just do it tomorrow. or maybe a little right now.

tomorrow i reception all day, ill probably have lots of time to work on my homework there. and then math class. and then homework for tuesday.

so if im not going to visit olivia in oregon. i need to think of another place to go and other people to go with.
im thinking new york. but thatd be more money cause its not just a flight and food then, id also have to pay for the place to stay and all the stuff i wanna do.
i think id have enough money tho.

we'll see what happens.


PS: colts won woo?! dont care

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