Friday, February 16, 2007

marie antoinette

such a fricken good movie.
i saw it opening night, and bought it the day it came out. then downloaded the soundtrack while looking for costumes for future halloween parties. (not gonna happen i dont think, altho i may buy a cheap wig and wear an old prom dress and gaudy jewelry...its quite awhile away so im not to worried;)

not to mention my lover Jason Shwartzman is in the movie. love.

marie antoinette

i was always pretty interested in her. ive read her biography a few times, went to versaille a couple years ago (yes, its as gaudy as the movie portrayed it...actually i remember being there and being annoyed with how out of touch with reality they were cause its SO extravagent...pride screws the whole world up)

i actually have a postcard pack i bought from there with pictures of the different rooms and the hall of mirrors and stuff. i didnt go to her retreat tho, it was quite a walk and supposedly nothing too exciting...but now im so bummed i didnt go. i think we also went to her jail cell where she was kept for a few years...that was crazy. that poor girl, she was like my age...crazy.

today i worked a lot. super busy. as soon as i got home at 4pm i had a snack and then went to sleep until 9pm.

guess whos coming into my office next week to meet with one of the tenants in my office?! (the tenant is the ambassador from panama and will actually be running for prez of panama soon...crazy right) DONALD TRUMP. ok so i dont like donald trump, but hes going to be in my lil office...ill get him coffee...crazy right! and apparently hes come in before since the ambassador doesnt meet with anyone but CEO's of companys. and on friday i was helping the guys with copying things and getting them coffee and stuff, and the guy they were meeting was so nice...kept saying thank u over and over and calling me sweetie...apparently he was some prince from africa!!!

this is my life.
i make copies and get coffee for royalty. awesome. and that awful man donald trump.

my much awaited long weekend is finally here!!!


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