Wednesday, February 07, 2007

vday survey

2 posts in one day cause i have 1/2 a day off:)

[01] Is there anyone you like at the moment?
yeah, kinda

[02] Have you ever given or been given roses?
yes, years and years ago

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
gardenstate or the notebook

[04] How many times have you honestly been in love?

[05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
kinda. i believe that theirs many people we're perfect for and who are perfect for us, but God knows who the final answer will be.

[06] Do you think that you should put your friends first?
my friends first in what?

[07] Have you ever had your heart broken?
yeah, it sucks

[08] What do you think about long-distance relationships?
good and bad at the same time. u get to know the person really well in some aspects but its super hard to be away from them, and u dont get to know when in other aspects. so it depends on the people of course.

[09] Your thoughts on online relationships?
haha-this is me laughing-haha

[10] Would you rather date someone five years older or five years younger?
five years older always. younger would never work.

[11] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
yeah, all the time...its confusing and i dont like it

[12] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"?
not always. if he is a christian and willing to work out things with God and me, then he gets ONE more chance. otherwise, none.

[13] How many kids do you want to have?
as many as we can afford. i only want to give birth to one or two, but then i want to adopt bunches abd bunches!!! india, thailand, china, africa, south america...i cant wait!!!

[14] Do you usually fall for the right boy/girl?
considering ive been single for like 3 years or so. lets go with no.

[15] What is your favorite color?
pink and black. sometimes green, but not to wear

[16] What are your views on gay marriages?
o gosh. for me this is more difficult to answer then it is for 'normal' people. i love all people, but practicing homosexual activity is a sin just like any other sin. (ex: stealing, cheating on ur spouse, abuse, addictions to things, ect...)i try not to judge homosexual people because of their choices, so when its my choice i dont vote for gay people to have the right to marriage because of my beliefs. BUT i also understand that not everyone shares my beliefs, so i dont expect people to understand or agree with me.

but on a governmental basis, i see that having some states say gay marriage is legal and in others its not, is silly. its either all or nothing. what if they move? what about federal vs. state laws?

with all things considered i dont think gay marriage is a good thing. but i love gay people, i have lots of friends and lots of ex-gay friends (which is a whole nother discussion)

[17] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry? no, id like to think that id be to distraught over losing the love of my life and best friend.

[18] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?
6th grade i think...aww memories

[19] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?
whatever "our" song is, but i want it to be kinda ecletic, not a typical corny one. maybe a damien rice one thats not angry or depressed. maybe a coldplay one. oooo iron and wine...aww itll be nice...

[20] Do you think that someone likes you?
sometimes. but sometimes im sure they dont. like right now. arg.

im not yet excited for vday. no boy. no plans. nada. and its been this way for too long. someone come and sweep me off my feet already.


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