Saturday, February 03, 2007

bleh school bleh

long week.

i got paid! yay! but now i think olivia might be coming down here the sametime im planning to go up there? so now i dont know if ill be going to see her during spring break. maybe i can go to san fran then, or even the beloved new york which i have yet to grace my precense with.
either way, i need to buy a ticket soon if im going anywheres.

today is my saturday. a much celebrated event. the only day off ive had in 2 weeks! sundays is like a half day off cause i get to sleep in usually, but then i have homework for hours and hours and then church for awhile and then have to go to bed early. so i dont count it.

im not sick anymore! woot! just a little flemmy.

in about an hour im going to be meeting with the lovely melissa to 'study' for the CBEST im taking next weekend. we're both taking it at the same place and same time! hooray! it shouldnt be too hard since its just very basic reading and writing and math skills, but its looooong and goes ALL day. so next saturday night ill be ready for a drink for sure;)

kelsey and annie are up in san fran for the weekend visiting jordan. im sad, i wish i could have gone. but i cant miss work or school for that long, especially since i just started 2 weeks ago and i work at the receptionist job only 2 days a week and cant miss both of them. it was just to crazy. but i love san fran and it would have been so fun! i know we'll go again soon.

last night me and the german went to chipotle and to see the painted veil. (how long have i been waiting to see that movie?!) i liked it lots. but i thought naomi watts had some really weak scenes where she was supposed to be very strong, and her costumes didnt really go with her character...but it was one of the better movies of last year, so i was really glad to see an actual good movie for once. and it was only rated PG13 so i didnt have to witness any gnarly sex scenes which is always very upsetting.

i wonder what im going to do tonight after i play with melissa. i know who i want to hang out with, but thats a secret. ill tell u in a few weeks.

what am i going to do for valentines day? i havent had a valentine in years...sad face. maybe ill get dressed up and get tanked. haha no. maybe annie will take me on a date;)

they're selling a hot pink camera at wal mart within my price range. im pretty sure i need to tap that.

today i stayed in bed until 3pm. i woke up at like 10am and just read all day, and then took a little nap. now im up and have to go meet melissa soon! i think im going to take my fat dog and my fat self for a walk. fresh air. birds.grass. those things.

i promise im more interesting then this blog may suggest.
take me out for valentines day and ull find out. hehe


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