Tuesday, January 30, 2007

rainy tuesday!

i love tuesdays (dont know why tho) and i love the rain! so u would think itd be a great day, right?

but let me tell u a little story of my life.
pretty much everyday i leave the house wearing clothes that arent appropriate for the weather. today would be an example. this morning i left the house and it was so early i couldnt see it was cloudy and rainy looking. i was wearing my typical school outfit-kinda pajamas, kinda not- (thin cotton capri thingys and a tshirt...luckily i had a little hoodie too)
and then it stormed the entire day. imagine me trudging around campus soaking wet and slipping with my crap shoes i cant part with. this is my life.

i just dont like to be uncomfortable, which rules out most clothes.

i miss my friends. the ones who are far away.
ficah. olivia.tisha kitty.cammie.joejoe.annemarie.matty.pretty much all of the ol VPDQ.
sad times.
life is just like that ya know. people always going in and out of ur life. its hard to be alive.

im glad i have Jesus. He promised He wouldnt peace out on me, so ive got that going for me.

me and annie are almost all done with season1 of LOST. we were refreshing before season 3 starts again next wednesday. i think we only have 2 episodes left. sooo good. i wish i had 2nd season, i need to get that. i still love charlie. except in season3 he goes a little crazy...but then again, they all do.

im going to visit olivia during my spring break. im excited! when i get paid friday i think im going to buy my ticket. its f-ing expensive just for a dink 3 hr flight. but i miss her, and cant wait to go. also will be nice to get out of socal for awhile. haha, i dont leave until march 31st and im already excited. my parents will be in europe for 3 weeks right around then. annie shall be my room mate for awhile, yay! we're fun.

well thats all for now.

uninteresting because i cant write about anyone i know for fear they may read it. but still, this is my life all the same.

be well.


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