Monday, January 22, 2007

physics party 2007!!!

sooo my weekend was so lovely.

lets see...

friday night i dont remember what i did, but im sure it was something fun...i think i ate pei wei and watched LOST with annie which is no suprise at all...

saturday me and annie and cassie went to Cozymels in La Jolla and ate so much good food, and got this awesome margarita sampler...the blue one was so incredible.

then at night time, cassie was having a party with her friends from school (PS: cassie is a physics major at UCSD and it consumes her life) so me and annie bought some vodka, beeer, and coffe liquor and headed down to her casa is lajolla.
it was the most ridiculous party ever. but we had so much fun.

EVERYONE was a physics or sciency major, and hi my name is esther and im a friggen ART major and annie isnt even in college. haha...not to mention these people are so socially awkward so the conversation lacked common subject matter as well as good communication skills. and it was kinda like an unfortunate looking people convention. of course the drinks helped us to be able to laugh at the situation and of course annie kissed one of the more unattractive, arrogant, and awkward ones. their was like 3 to 1 amount of boys and not one of them were pretty.

but it was so fun! we just laughed and laughed at the situation and the snippets on conversation we'd catch. it was nice to spend time with cassie in her life there too. i miss her...

yesterday i wasnt feeling good (not a hangover, just not feeling too good in other areas) so slept most of the day and read my new book that finally came in the mail. annie came during her break and took a nap with me then too...then i went to church with cassie and it was sooo wonderful. i loved spending time with her again and church was soooo good! i just love my church, its everything i was looking for and they continue to suprise me with more and more things i didnt even realize i was looking for. and mark is so smart and i just love hearing him, i learn something new every week and feel challenged, which is hard to find in stuffy so cal. calvary chapels kick ass.

me and cassie maybe want to volunteer at their homeless people mission once a month. i got a bag to donate things...i need to donate things, i have more then enough crap.

but homeless people stress me out. im not gifted with them like other people awesome with kids and teens tho...i miss them a lot, but have no time to commit which is why me and cassie liked the once a month deal.

after church annie came and watched the devil wears prada with me. i actually liked it! i really like anne hathaway and meryl streep so that helped. people in fashion annoy me, get over urself. but that was kinda the theme of the movie so i liked it.

ok, thats all.

im at work and should prob work. plus i have to pee.

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