Saturday, January 27, 2007


so this blo0g idea blows. i cant write anything legit cause the people will read it. IE: they people i want to wrie about im friend with on myspace and they will read im not sure what to do.

so i drank an engtire bottle of wine. chardonnay!!! so good! yeah...i just spelled a lot of stuff wrong and im ok with ut. it was a long week and i was with beloved friends so it was ok. i know Jesus still loved me and thsats all that matters...He's th best...e loves me even when i suck, which is often.

so daydreams...i have them all the time..and i learned at DTS how destructive they csn be when ur focusing on them and they arnet even real! so i tired to tell my friends that and it came off as just me being prideful and i was bummed...i really just wanted to help them and love them thru my bad experiences with day dreams...i feel bad, but also annoyed cause i was trying so hard to not be prideful and it still sucked. i just suck at life. Lord why am i here? all i do is stupid school (which i suck at) and work too much doing lame work with money. all everyone cares about in this worl is money...well PS: i dont care about money and it can kiss my ass. i care about Jesus and everyone needs to kno how awesome He is and how u dont neeede money to be happy.

i love my friends. but i need new do people make new friends? they all live to far...

isnt it weird how when uve drunk, u want to call people ur secretly in love not telling.

tomorrow im going to the art store (yay!) for my class with annie too! and to dinner with cass and thne to chuirch and im so excited! i got to play with cass tonight and i love it...i missd er, but not i feel like shes not so MIA...perhaps my blog has reached her. haha, yeah right.

so miday atalantic (the band) im friends with rachel and its funny that we'[re all friends on myspace when i havent actually met u in person. weird huh. i have secret "crushes" on u cause ur pretty.

ok, time for bed...tomorrow im super duper life is ridiculous.

PS: i apologize for the ridiculousness of this blog in adcvsance...once again, it was a lon week, and Jesus still lvoes me. thates why we're friends. im sleepy. i wanna be an art teacher and adopt kids from all over the world, thats my drema life and i day dream abiout it all the time...but hold on while i give u a lecture about daydreaming, whenreally im jus trying to help with ur life but i suck at it...arrrrg...

this id a picture oif elephants, my fav animal.

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Shiela said...

oh esther - you sound so forlorned - i hope and pray you will be less lonely soon. try the 20 something groups at church??