Tuesday, January 23, 2007

bleh school bleh

well ive had my first day of school in all my classes except child psycology which i only have on thursdays.

elementary school math:
i have an eastern european professor (i think russian) who totally talks like Borat. i hate math, but we're doing geomotry and graph and need all these tools and stuff, so i think i might like it more then my other math classes. as long as i get a C im happy.

i can tell already that the kids in the class are rather arrogant just from how they talked and presented what they wrote...but im trying to be nice and exert happy non-judgemental energy...we'll see. i think i could really like it, but i just hate people telling me how im supposed to interpret something...it gets on my nerves. and professors are always trying to expose their students to things...im tired of being exposed to things from their viewpoint. they're always really liberal and it gets on my nerves. i dont care what u think, k.

design and color:
i think it will be good. i thought i might make friends in the class, but no one seemed to look like someone i would be friends with (i have a good eye for that), in fact the girls sitting next to me i wanted to beat cause they were so obnoxious. i really like ink drawing and collages, and thats mostly what we will be doing! so i will finally learn some actual techniques, besides what ive taught myself. annnd we will paint...i love painting (from what ive done) but i never get to do it cause i dont kno how and its so expensive to get all the materials. so hopefully this will be a good class too.

i also have science online, which i havent even touched...so we'll see how things go with that too.

thats about it. im working too much and im already exhausted and its only tuesday. arrrg

be well.


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