Friday, January 26, 2007


BIG NEWS! Nicodemus, my 'brother' whos a 'Lost Boy' from Sudan, his beautiful face is on the cover of the San Diego Reader!!! and theirs a huge story about him and the other boys he lives with. his story will change ur life...everyone should meet them, they're the best.

this is from a few weeks ago.

yeah i dont look so hot in this pic, but i wanted u to see him. hes right in the middle. he brought his precious family with him! that baby was sooo cute...

this week has been ridiculous. i forgot how working 30 hours and school with 15 credits is...ridiculous.

the good news is that i think im going to like my classes...i was so annoyed in every class cause i didnt want to be in school and just kept thinking "um yeah...i dont care...", but then i decided i just need to change my attitude and buckle down and get into it and ill be fine. my classes arent that bad and my professors seem nice, and none of them are very hard which i looove.
so besides school.

i have this apple socal campus rep meeting to go to tomorrow. im currently waiting to get picked up by the other girls im going with cause we're staying (for free of course!) at the hotel tonight for the conference tomorrow. i was really cranky about going and sooo tired...but i took a rest/nap after work today (the other job) and gave myself the same pep talk i gave to myself about school, and im hoping that'll do the trick. im looking forward to it a little more i guess...but its going to be sooo long and boring, and im kinda over the job so thats never good.

in other news: im getting sick i think. my parents have been sick for like a week, and a bunch of people in my classes were all sick too, so its no suprise. but ive been taking airborne and cough drops and tea and vitamin far my scratchy throat is still scratchy...and i think its getting worse. so that should be fun.

i reallly want to buy my ticket to go visit Olivia for my spring break in oregon (ok from SD to portland, its like 400$!!!) but im having to wait until i get paid...arrrrg i wish i was done with school and had my job already! i just want to teach art to kids! is that so wrong?! i hate working so hard but still having issues with sure issues with money always exists tho.

today at my receptionist job i did so good! i did alllll this bill paying and quickbooks and stuff ive never done before and i did a good job! its a good feeling cause i suck at that stuff, but not anymore!

i brushed bella and shes all fluffy mcflufferson. its AMAZING. she feels and looks like a cloud. i love her.

i want to make new friends. im just so picky and where do people make new friends? is their like a club where people go to make new friends? ive made a few friends at school, but we dont hang out outside of school...o i remember why i dont have that many friends, its cause they all moved away and cause everyone is soooo busy all the time...haha, how could i forget...

i wanna move. to Florence Italy. im thinking after i get my BA and credential, ill get my masters in education through an online program and live in Florence. then when im done with that ill have enough italian under my belt to go to art school there for my master of fine arts...i wish i knew italian and could just go work there...ooooo maybe while im getting my masters i could teach english there! hey! and ill come home with a hot italian man and all my dreams will come true...teehee

well i suppose the girls will be here soon, its about time to leave...woo for work! woo!

paige and andrew are playing at church on sunday night and im soooo excited.

thats all.


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