Thursday, February 28, 2008

what a day

wow things are getting crazy! ive been trying to find time to pack this week but its been really hard...i have such a busy schedule already, fitting anything else in is ridiculous.

i did manage to clean out my desk and get some books in some boxes. tomorrow im going to try and clean under my bed (everythings in boxes down there, i just need to organize it more) and do the rest of my closet. then ill pretty much be done. but im so tired by friday after work i dunno how ill manage.

good news! today i had an interview with the executive pastor at Daybreak church in carlsbad. i interviewed for the 5/6 grade position and was "offered" to maybe also do childrens administrative support since 5/6 is only 2 sunday morn services and time to prep...which isnt a lot of hours per week. i think he really liked me and wanted to introduce me to the childrens director right away and come visit sunday morning...good signs! as i thought about it more and more i realized how much ive forgetten my passion as ive worked for doug doing his admin work. i mean, its a good job ive learned a lot and it was a season of my life...but its not anything im passionate about. i love kids and i dont even work with them! i love kids, art, travel, humanitarian work, and culture and i do nothing with any of those things. weird. so although its a scary thought to leave my "secure job" looks so much brighter to me to go for it.

so on sunday, besides moving im going to visit daybreak and "catch the vision" as we like to say in the biz. IM EXCITED! but im also really chill about everything. i keep feeling like i should be more worried about my future than i am. im just relaxed and ok with how everything will play out. everythings going to be fine. im sure of it. maybe its because ive been having lil quiet times every morning. maybe its because of these new supplements im taking. (not Temocil if u were wondering). or maybe its because i started smoking pot. whatever it is, i like feeling relaxed and not so fricken anxious and in planning mode all the time. by the way, i have never and do not smoke pot. it was a joke. laugh.

lolas been eating her right foot a lot. i have some foot spray i should spray on it. we used to have to use it on bella because she would chew her feet all the time. thats why they're brown. but lolas never done that. i think its allergies. this is a sneak peek into what my life concerns have become. my crazy dog eating her right foot.

tonight i made stir fry and me and micah had our "last" dinner and LOST night together. annie started ditching me like a month or so ago for many reasons...including but not limited to:
-being sick for like 2 months
-being really tired (story of her life)
-boyfriend AKA Fester
-vegas with fester
-berkley visiting friends

so much for sushi and LOST nights with ur friend annie. she should include footnotes with her verbal agreements.*

i have to get up at the crack tomorrow and work on homework all day/work at the office. BLEH!

i cant believe im moving out! this is so weird!

oh you know...2 blocks from my house. whatever. hehe.

*please note im joking and am in no way upset with annie for having a life outside of me.

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