Sunday, March 02, 2008

10 minutes

in the ten minutes i have before i go off to a day that will change my life forever, i wanted to write u all a blog. sounds somewhat dramatic but its true.

today i move out like a big girl for real! im taking my dogs...which will be very discombobulated for quite a few taking the taking the craziness of living on my own! ive gone away for long periods of time month in 2004 to india...2 months in the summer of 06 for lecture phase of my YWAM discipleship training school...and almost another 2 months for India YWAM its not like ive ever been away from home before. but this is for real! im glad im not moving to a different city or something quite yet. baby steps.

also today im on the next step of a job interview that could also change my life. i think i mentioned im attending the church i want the job at. im not sure if we're going to meet or anything after the service...i kinda doubt it since the guy whos interviewing me and everything has sundays off so he probably wont want to work on his day off? but ill probably check out the childrens meeting. and more importantly ill be attending the main service and seeing what its all about. im sure its the same kind of church as the ones ive attended around here. it seems like a place id like if not still a little too white upper class for me. but hey, thats where i live. theirs no getting around it. i cant explain how much my heart flutters when i think about this job. its so where my heart is. where my passions are. it almost seems like freedom from the job i currently have which is ok, but not my calling or require any of my interests besides the small part of me that loves admin work...but thats not what i want to do ALL day about something i dont care about! bleh!

every morning after the dogs wake me up at 7ish am to go to the bathroom, we all get back into bed and snuggle. even bella who normally doesnt like it. then while im getting ready they go back to sleep for awhile. currently, bella has her tongue out and is conked out on her blanket, and worms is sleeping with all her feet touching my leg so she knows where i am. im still not sure what to do about tomorrow. its going to be scary for them when i leave them in the new place all day alone. worms will be in her house, but i know bella will be upset and i dont want her pottying in the house because she cant find the door or whatever...anyway, this next week is going to be interesting.

im so sad i didnt get to kelsey this weekend! i was really looking forward to laying in bed with her and some dogs and catching up. stupid moving. i literally did not stop packing from 10am-10pm yesterday. so so tired.

ok friends. its 9am. time for my big day.

wish me lots of luck and energy and if u believe in prayer then give some up for me!


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