Monday, March 24, 2008

things i want to do

currently i really i want to buy a 3 bedroom condo in San Marcos. i want to rent out the other two rooms so i dont have to pay mortgage, and i can have my dogs and maintain the place.

especially because its such a good time to buy.

we'll see what happens.

i want to buy my ticket to Europe!

i want to find Tamara a room mate so i can move out.

i want to eat dinner, im hungry. im going with cassie and her Rick and jordan and jessie to Rubys on the pier. im excited to go, but not excited to be a 5th wheel. i told cassie id find a stranger to be my date and then i wouldnt be a 5th wheel.

today i slept in, watched crappy tv and eat a gross bfast, took the dogs for a long walk in the hottest part of the day (not a good idea BTW), got dressed and came to my parents where i worked on my taxes and did laundry and im watching the HBO special John Adams. its really really good, i promise. i just really like history.


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