Wednesday, March 19, 2008

broken heart
well last night when roomie got home, she sadly informed me that the landlord called her and said they had 3 complaints about my dogs and that we had to get rid of them. i tried to call her and figure out what exactly the complaints were, but she hasnt called back. im assuming Worms is barking all day while im gone and that the no bark collars arent working.

i was FREAKING OUT. i was really glad i had bought myself some wine because after a glass i calmed down a little and i was able to sleep when i went to bed too. anyway, the thought of getting rid of the dogs makes my heart hurt, even the thought of letting my parents take care of them 24/7 hurts my heart too. as uve probably guessed from my blogs and obsession with my dogs, im more than a little attached to them...they are my best friends (although its is kinda sad that dogs are my best friends, if you had them you would be their best friend too-theyre really lovely). so after some crying and freaking out, i called mom and we're going over our options.

1) let them stay at parents all the time: broken heart and lonely and depressed
2) enroll them in doggy day care while im at work/school: awesome idea, but $40/day which is really expensive for me not working full time
3) drop them off with mom while im at work/school and pick up at night: dont know if parents will go for it, or if the dogs will be happy, if lola will behave, a lot of commuting for me, have to OK this with the landlord that they r with me at night (they dont really bark when im home).

ideally id like option #2 because i know the dogs would LOVE it, but its not really a viable option since i cant afford it even if i had my loan. so im going to try for option #3 for now and then probably move somewhere dog friendly in May and work with Lola and her barking. its sad because she barks because shes lonely and sad, mom works at home so shed be happy there but she still needs to learn to be alone for a little while in her cage because otherwise we'll get nothing done!

besides this HUGE issue, i just finished my last midterm, yay! it was going to be SO hard, but i studied a lot and their was extra credit i know i got right and im sure ill at least get a C so im good with that.

now i just have one 3 hour class until i have off for a week! yay! and then next week i just have wednesday classes and then im off for break! im VERY excited!

ok, i should get to my next class now. uhhhh 3 hour classes should be outlawed. i have no idea why they think we can focus that long when we start at the crack of dawn with our other classes too! crazy college.

theirs all these couples everywhere, its making me sad.

give me advice about my doggies.


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