Friday, March 21, 2008

moving out...again...

well last night and todays ive been responding to emails, and calls and interviewing people to come take my place for April 1st. ive seen 3 people, and have another one tonight, and theirs like 4 people who emailed me who could be good potentials too but i dunno if we're going to waste time on them or not since the ones ive seen are pretty good.

its bitter sweet to show the place to these girls and brag about how great it is since i really dont want to move. but i keep trying to think about all the good all the money im going to have now, and all the money ill have for Europe! and how i can take off some time from work if i need to without freaking out about the rent. and how the dogs wont have to be alone all day. and their wont be the train. and ill have free food. and all the TV channels. and my red walls i love.

but ill miss all my space. and big closet. and kitchen. and walks on the beach with the dogs everyday. and watchin TV with Tamara...and just being the adult i already am.

owell, itll be fine.

in other news, its Easter this weekend! i LOVE Easter! i just love that its spring time, and almost summer! and i love Jesus. and family getting together. and wearing my pretty dress. and eating yummy food. its just a really great holiday.

well im posting the note i wrote on facebook about exactly why im moving. just in case you arent my facebook friend and are interested:

facebook post:
"well after the broken heart blog you probably figured it out.

but i finally got to talk to the landlord and she said that the person who complained, was upset because they had to get rid of their dog and didnt think it was fair. its not fair, but it wasnt in the lease i signed and no one seemed to know if pets were allowed or not...and the lady next door with the 5 cats running around all the time kinda threw me off (apparently shes lived there before the no pets rule came into effect a few years ago).

so i tried to propose the idea of having them in dog daycare during the day but with me at night and she said that they arent even supposed to have dogs on the premises or even visit so she had to say no.

so basically i have to move home, the sooner the better.

i was just starting to settle in and have things become routine, and not be nervous about possibly having to move out...and then this happened! well, it was fun while it lasted i guess.

so i thought about just having my parents take care of the dogs until Tamara and i move in May, but it seems like a waste of money since parents will be gone for a month and id have to house sit the dogs and everything there anyway.

so im advertising on craigslist and everything trying to find someone before April 1st or sooner. its looking up since about 6 people have responded since i posted it last night. mostly boys even though i said female preferred, but 2 of the girls sound perfect so ill give them a call today and hopefully something will work out. at first i was REALLY bummed about having to move back home, but now im more ok with it. i wont have to work so much and be so stressed out, and ill have money for Europe! yay! and most importantly, the dogs will be happy with mom all day rather then alone in a cage.

its just so much to happen at once. new job. moving. midterms. im tired.

pray for me.
find me a replacement room mate for tamara.
invite me over to drink and forget our troubles over a glass of wine."

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