Friday, March 14, 2008

well its that time of year again

well its that time of year again, when im exhausted and cant go on and their mosquitos everywhere and im antsy to get out of southern california.

luckily todays friday! unluckily i have to go to the bank after work and then drive down to mira mesa cause im watchin the Jacobs house and got 4 doggies there all in need of a walk...maybe ill make them wait until just so damn tired. this morning i could hardly get out of wednesday im typically pretty dead...thursday and friday i dont even know how i function. it sucks to be tired all the time, well at least im getting good practice to when i have children someday...haha.

has anyone noticed the ridiculous amount of mosquitos around lately? in a 4 hour period i killed like 5. (im an expert killer since India). in other bug news, ive been finding all these friggen fleas on my dogs which is SO weird because they never have fleas. and i got flea bites and everything...its so so gross. so i stocked up on medicine for the dogs, and special defoggers and sprays for the backyard and everything, only to find out from room mate that the previous tenants in my room had a flea problem to! they didnt even have dogs! isnt that weird? i think its because my window and our back weed garden is up against a big grassy lot and its been warmer. so between the flea bomb, back yard watering, and dog medicine i think we'll be ok...but its gross. fleas are gross. and it took like 4 days and intense itchy medicine to make my bites stop itching. ok, enough of my bug woes.

im excited to plan Europe with cassie during spring break. i wish my loan would hurry and come through then i wouldnt feel so nervous about making sure i can go. i definitly have enough for the plane and train tickets which are the most expensive and we can book the hostels without money up front so im sure it will all work out. and i havent told my new job im planning this big excursion yet either. i wanted the job! and its still not for sure we're going until i have the plane ticket in my hand! so ha.

today i tell the boss im quitting kinda. im not that nervous, but hes taking forever to get here, arg! im hungry and wanna take my lunch. the girls r supposed to come visit me for lunch when payroll is ready for annie to pick up, but payroll cant be ready until the boss comes...arg.

ok theirs a lawyer who works here and i swear hes insane. he jaunts around the office snapping and stomping "along" to the radio, he walks with these huge strides, he brags about his cases to us, and today hes wearing a Hawaiian shirt opened on top with his chest billowing out. my favorite is whenever theirs a package on the desk or a paper or anything he comes and stares at it to see if its for if we wouldnt give him something. hes so weird. he never answers the phone so people call me complaining about him all the time. it sucks. if i worked all the time like annie does id kill myself.

i got my hair fixed yesterday! it took like 3 hours, but it looks better now. they re-darkened the top as well since it had faded a TON compared to the bottom layer. apparently its because im out in the sun so much with my new walking along the beach fad. because i dont wash my hair a ton and i dont blow dry it or anything usually so it shouldnt have gotten so bad. but i got my hair all re done for free! yay!

New hair at the office:
my hair is so fricken long now, crazy!

i like to call this one "crooked head" or "one to many pictures of your hair you weirdo"worms.

i think this particular blog is a great example of why we're friends. i am seriously weird and u still read my blog and r my friend. that is love.



i need myself one of these. minus the fur and eldery fellow.

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