Friday, March 07, 2008

so im still reeling from yesterday and its making getting things done really difficult. not to mention my brain is just totally dead and i dont think i can make it do homework anymore. i feel like this week took forever to get done with...seriously, each day felt like a million years. finally its friday and its still going by so slowly. i have so much homework this weekend its not even funny. sunday will be spent doing homework, monday night, tuesday night...basically my entire life consists of this exact schedule:

6am wake up and take dogs for a walk on the beach (yay!)
730am leave for school or 830am leave for work
830-4 school or 9-5 work
5 take dogs for walk
6 make food for dinner and next days lunch
7 watch tv and do homework
11pm crawl into bed cursing my life

isnt that fun? dont you wish u were a crazy student too? you get to have NO extracurricular activities and hate ur life! yay! but it will be better with a new fun job and school will settle down again...its just mid terms season. and someday ill be happy again and my blog wont be so depressing.

BTW, now job hasnt called yet. ive been by my phone 24/7 waiting for the its almost 2pm and im worried! im wondering if i should call or send a thank u note or what?! i just dont know! it really would be a nice uplifting note to my dreary day and feelings.

tonight im going out to dinner with my whole family to the four seasons for a fancy seafood buffet! we're celebrating my mom and dad and titi Josi's birthdays, and lukey will be there, and mike my cousin is visiting from Michigan to! im really excited. i made some sweet presents for them. its going to be lovely, I've actually been looking forward to it all week!

i know i gush about my dogs a lot, but they really are the funnest. i got them these bones to chew on while im at work and school all day, and they LOVE them. we'll be all settled in for bed and im trying to sleep and lola will get out of bed and go get her bone and bring it back up to chew on it some more...after shes already chewed it all day. and her and bella steal them from each other and lola looses hers and tries to steal bellas but she growls at her, and finally i had to put the bones in their cage so they couldnt get to them while we're trying to sleep. but then lola started crying cause she wanted it so much...they're just so funny and keep me really entertained.

ok, now for my friday fun survey to take my mind off life:
1. I by the beach, its my new favorite!

2. Right now I want...a friend to call me and give me advice and care about me

3. I feel like...really tired and kinda groggy and i just want to crawl in a ball with my doggies and take a well deserved nap

4. I hate it boss asks me to do things i dont understand, which is a regular occurrence

5. I fear...being alone forever, going to jail, getting raped

6. I'm lonely besties, i try and see them every weekend as much as possible, because otherwise im sad

7. I need...people to be nice to me, im delicate.

8. Today I...woke up early to take the dogs, but was to tired so i slept for an extra 30min instead, then i got ready for work, then ive been at work trying to get HW done but my brains dead

9. Tomorrow I'm...SLEEPING IN!!! a little homework, then probably doing something with the family or cassie...i dunno

10. I just...really need to have this day be over so i can relax and re juice for next week! im so done!

11. I want to meet...audrey hepburn...if she was still alive -sad face-

12. I'm hungry for...nothing, i just ate a salad and some tofu thing i made and girl scout cookies, im stuffed!

13. I love it when...annie and dave wear their golf shorts on the same day to work. its THE BEST

14. I'm afraid of...getting kicked out of my apartment for having dogs, not finding a room mate when tamara moves to london, not being able to afford europe, failing my linguistics class, dropping dead from exhaustion

15. I'm listening to...the birds outside:) the door is open and its real nice

16. I'm wearing...casual friday clothes. jeans and a nice black shirt and a black sweater

17. I wish I was in...europe with cassie right now...maybe at the duomo in florence or something lovely like that.

18. I'm craving...a diet coke. but ive only had 2 in like 2-3 weeks and they were special occasions so im doing pretty good!

19. I want to get...and iphone so so so SO badly. it like hurts me how much i want one

20. I can...cook! who knew?

21. I can', its painful and not a pretty sight. and it doesnt make me feel good.

22. I have...a nose piercing. i love it. ive had it awhile, youd think the love would fade but it hasnt.

23. I haven't...eaten red meat in a LONG time

24. I'm nervous my ticket to europe unsure if ill have the rest of the money by july

25. My Mom thinks I'm...overcommitted

26. My Dad thinks I'm...overcommitted

27. I overcommitted

28. I'm happy with my besties all snuggled up in bed with dogs and laughter

29. I'm sad alone for to long and no one cares about me

30. I like eating...eggplant. weird right, buts its totally my new favorite and i cant eat it enough. just think, u can buy one for like $2 and slice it and put some olive oil on the slices, cook on 400 degree for 15min and make like 4 sandwiches from it. and its SO good! they melt in your mouth!

31. I hate eating...meat on a bone. i wont do it. it freaks me out.

32. I love watching...old arrested development episodes, they never cease to entertain me

33. I love listening to...folk. it just relaxes me which i really need, and refreshes my heart.

34. I like playing...scrabulous and beating all my aunts, mwahaha

35. I hate waking up to...the train, which is sadly my life now. but ive gotten pretty used to it already. i dont like waking up to lola licking her hoo-ha...thats probably the worst.

36. I can see...the box of girl scout cookies with a retarded girl on it. seriously, thin mints girl has some issues.

37. I'm glad that...i have a job where i get paid to do surveys

38. I'm disappointed that...i havent heard from my new job yet. my friends suck. i have so much homework.

39. I look one really, i look like me

40. I wish I looked like...kate hudson, i think shes beautiful and all bohemian and amazing.

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