Thursday, March 06, 2008

grumpy mcgrumperson

so today has been both lovely and dreadful all at the same time. weird how that happens sometimes. im not comfortable going into detail about y it was dreadful because it doesnt need to be known all over the world about me and my friends issues...but kelsey you should probably call me before i have a mental breakdown.

on the up side i had an interview with the childrens ministry director today about my dream job. shes so lovely! shes still pretty young like me and im pretty sure we have the same personality type. as she was describing what my job would be it really does sound PERFECT for me! i would basically be her assistant. childrens ministry is a HUGE job especially since their childrens programs at the church are pretty green and shes only been there a few weeks. so i would be doing administrative work supporting the ministry, as well as helping out with the programs on sundays and saturday nights. I would be her right hand woman and fill in if shes gone or something as well. without even knowing me really she asked if i happened to have any musical theatre experience. OMG r u kidding?!

so as she was telling me about it, it sounded exactly like my old childrens ministry job mixed with my current job of assisting. i really feel like God has prepared me for this! and her and the staff sound really excited about me- such a good sign! so apparently i should be receiving a call anytime about the next steps. but i still dont know what they want to pay me which concerns me since that kinda a big deal. but even today my boss pulled some crap with me that made me just want to go work anywhere else. i always work fridays as the receptionist and he told me that i have good friday off but that annie gets the vacation pay for it because shes "full time" she doesnt even normally work fridays! um hello, what am i supposed to do for rent now dude?

and im almost positive he likes annie more than me. that was just the icing on the cake. i mean, i dont care who he likes more or not but it just annoys me that he would be so obvious about it. tool.

sorry, im really grumpy and i think i just need to go home and take my babies for a walk and watch american idol and LOST and cook and forget about life.

i miss cassie and olivia and kelsey a lot. i wish i had friends.

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