Tuesday, March 18, 2008

whats with today, today

well this is going to be a lovely holiday weekend, im really looking forward to it. friday off and im taking monday off too in protest of not having it off.

today im working and its joshs birthday so we're having yummy strawberry margaritas! annies been bored all day so shes driving me nuts, but the boss is gone today so we're having fun now that most of my work is done for the day.

i start my new job so soon! they wanted me to start this weekend, but i just really cant. its not much of a holiday for me if i work those days AND work during the week...itd be like working full time and going to school full time for a week and im not down for it. im just to tired and i miss my friends and wanna play with them this weekend and not work and just rest and be relaxed and happy.

i love easter, its such a special holiday to me. my favorite by far. Jesus is the best!

anyone want my job? its pretty sweet if u like finances. youd be an assistant to a financial advising branch and do all the administration for them. its part time M-F with flex hours according to your schedule. the pay is awesome cause its such a responsible job. lemme know if your interested.

im a lil buzzed, im not gonna lie.

after work i gotta stop at the store, take the doggies for a walk, and then study for fricken linguistics. BLEH. i have a midterm tomorrow i HAVE to do well on and i hardly understand about 50% of everything even though i work my butt off. and then it will be time to cook something yummy and enjoy american idol and then bed.

im just really excited about my holiday weekend, yippie!!!


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