Tuesday, March 11, 2008


well today i found out about the job! its going to be AMAZING! i got an exact job description, which is so SO perfect for me, and my payment plan which i was really worried about because i didnt know if i would make enough money with them.

so im going to work with the childrens ministry director tuesdays and fridays and half day on sundays. and im going to make my budget perfectly but thats without taxes being taken out so im thinking of still doing reception work on thursdays. itd be flexible so i could take off thursdays if needed, and good for me to have that day to do all my homework so saturday and half of sunday are real days off. annie mentioned maybe just every other thursday, but itd be nice to have extra money...i dunno yet about that. me and annie and doug r going to have a meeting on thursday and discuss. either way, id be done with financial advising stuff (i think) and that makes me happy:) but im thinking doug will still have me do some stuff for him OR train annie to do things! so either way its going to work out great!

this weekend im house/dog sitting at uncle dan and titi josis! its going to be kinda silly with my dogs AND their huge dogs. but my girls are used to being in their cage during the day anyway and ill just keep the cage in my room. and the big dogs r gonna be outside in the evening while im home so the little girls can romp around the house with me. its going to be kinda crazy, but itll be fun and ill have a big huge house all to myself! hopefully some of my besties will come play with me to.

today i got to talk to my mom and kelsey and olivia all in one day! it was the best! i miss my friends, they live to far away for my liking.

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